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Value Network mechanisms for convergence

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This document is about rational and nonrational mechanisms that make a value network converge towards attractors that exhibit appropriate behaviour.

Table of contents

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Rational mechanisms of convergence

Non-rational mechanisms of convergence


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Rational mechanisms of convergence

Rational mechanisms rely on individuals acting consciously to maximize their benefits and the benefits of the group. This implies that individuals have clear visibility into the system and understand very well the game they are playing.

We are building SENSORICA’s value system, which primarily serves to capture the value every member contributes to the community. It estimates the total value (tangible and intangible) of SENSORICA’s commons, and it brakes that value down into individual contributions.

The secondary role of the value system is to provide visibility into how value is created and how it circulates within the community, how it is exchanged with the market, and how revenues generated through market exchanges are redistributed back to individual members. In fact, visibility into the value system is the basis of the economical system of incentives which acts as a focusing force, making the community converge towards, and contribute to rewarding projects. In other words, the value system in conjunction with its associated visualizations tools is part of the rational mechanism of convergence.

We are also building SENSORICA’s reputation system, which is intimately related to the value system. The reputation of a member affects directly her/his ability to influence other members within SENSORICA, and thus affects her-his ability to create and to extract value from this community. Members understand this and consciously groom their reputation. In other words, the reputation system in conjunction with its associated visualizations tools is part of the rational mechanism of convergence.

Non-rational mechanisms of convergence

Non-rational mechanisms of convergence are based on social emotions: guilt, shame, etc...

The need to cultivate specific moral values and to link them to social emotions.

Transparency also plays a big role, knowing that our peers are watching us.

Shame and reputation interact1.


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