• Title: MSI MGA x Game Plan x BAC Qualifier 2017

• Date: 10th June 2017 –  11th June 2017

• Time: 10th & 11th June (10:00a.m – 6:00p.m)

• Venue: Block 2, Jalan Utara, 46200 Section 14, Selangor, Malaysia

• Organizer: Genysis Cyber e-Sports

• Prize Pool:

o DotA2

Armaggeddon prize worth value RM1000 for Champion, 1st Runner Up & 2nd

Runner Up

o Overwatch

Armaggeddon prize worth value RM1000 for Champion, 1st Runner Up & 2nd

Runner Up

o Street Fighter

Armaggeddon prize worth value RM500 for Champion, 1st Runner Up & 2nd

Runner Up

• Registration Form:


1. Participants must have their own DotA 2 (Steam) / Overwatch (Blizzard) account.

2. Only Higher Education students are eligible to participate.

3. Participants must present their student ID when checking in for verification purpose.

4. Participants may provide their own mouse, keyboard, mousepad, and earbuds.

5. Macro keys mouse is not allowed.

6. Players may not use third party applications, programs, or download any software

onto tournament computers.

7. All of the team members must be part of same college/ university when registering

as a team.

8. For solo registration, the organizer will match the individual with other solo

participants to form a team.

9. No restrictions regarding participants level or matchmaking rating.

10. Team captain/ Individual(solo registration) will be added to a whatsapp group after

they/he/she is/are qualified.

11. Players must be available at the tournament area 15 minutes prior to their scheduled


12. Each team will be given around 10 minutes to set up their equipments before the

match promptly start.

13. With two minutes of pre-game remaining a tournament official will notify the teams

that the game will begin shortly and to be prepared to start.

14. Competition hall is strictly for on-going matches players only.

15. Tournament stuffs reserve the right to deny anyone, even a competitor from entering

the tournament area within reason.

16. Registration & Payment deadline: 8th June 2017.

17. Change of sub-players will only be allowed BEFORE the match starts.

18. Registered teams for Dota 2 and Overwatch MUST make payment first before participating

19. Receipt must be shown on the day of the event and pm

(Bentley Woon)


1. Participants must conduct themselves in a reasonable manner, maintaining a friendly

and polite demeanour to spectators, opponents, members of the press, staffs, and to

other individuals involved in the tournament.

2. Participants must remain quiet in the tournament area. Talking is allowed but must be

kept at a reasonable level. Spectators are strictly forbidden to communicate with any

players while they are competing.

3. Refrain from the use of vulgar language. All rules of conduct also apply to chatting

throughout the games.

4. Compete in a professional manner. Throwing a match, halting play without reason, or

showing lack of effort will construed as a violation of player conduct hence resulting

in match forfeit and disqualification from the tournament.

5. The board of referees has the right to disqualify and dismiss any registered players

from the tournament, at their discretion, at any stage of the tournament, for any

reason, with no prior warning to the player.

DOTA 2                                                                                       Image result for dota 2


1. Number of Players: 5 main players and 1 substitute player (optional)

2. Punctuality:

• 5 minutes late: Level 1 Draft Penalty

• 10 minutes late: Level 2 Draft Penalty

• 15 minutes late: DISQUALIFICATION


1. Competition method: 5 versus 5 (Team play, 5 players per team)

2. Game Mode:

• Captains Mode

• Single or double elimination will be put under consideration depending of registry.

▪ Best-of-Three: Semi-finals & Bronze Match

▪ Best-of-Five: Final

▪ *All of the Brackets are to be determined by number of participants.

3. Sides: Radiant/Dire (decided by a coin toss for the first round)

4. Victory Conditions:

o Destruction of the opposing team’s Ancient

o Either team passes a vote to surrender (calls a ‘GG’ on all-chat)

o All players on a team intentionally disconnect

3.0 Restrictions

1. The sharing of basic regeneration items, consumables, and gems are allowed. Items

shared may not be kept or used for any other purposes (eg. Reselling).

2. Backdoor is allowed.

3. Any cheats, hacks, and bug exploits are strictly prohibited.

4. Any use of third party scripts and programs that leads to an unfair advantage is not

allowed. (eg. Bottle crow script, crit scripts, invoker spell scripts, etc)

4.0 Disconnections / Pausing

1. If any player disconnects during a match, the game will be instantly paused until the

player has reconnected.

2. Players must inform referee before or right after pausing with valid reason, else the

match will go on.


Image result for overwatch\



• All matches will be played via the Custom Game Lobby system in Overwatch.

• All matches will be played in Best-Of-Three format, except Final and Bronze

Match which will be played in Best-Of-Five format.

*All of the brackets are to be determined by the number of participants.

• Using the following settings:

I. Game Mode: Competitive

II. Map Options:

▪ Map Rotation: After a game

▪ Map Order: Single Map

▪ Return to Lobby: After a game

▪ Assault Maps:

• Hanamura • Temple of Anubis • Volskaya Industries

▪ Escort Maps:

• Dorado • Route 66 • Watchpoint: Gibraltar

▪ Hybrid Maps:

• Hollywood • King’s Row • Numbani • Eichenwalde

▪ Control Maps:

• Ilios • Lijang Tower • Nepal

III. Hero Options:

▪ Hero Selection Limit: One per team

▪ Role Selection: None

▪ Allow Hero Switching: On

▪ All Heroes are available

IV. Tournament lobby setup options:

▪ High Bandwidth: On

▪ Control Game Mode Format: Best of 3

▪ Skirmish only: Off

▪ Health Modifier: 100%

▪ Damage Modifier: 100%

▪ Healing Modifier: 100%

▪ Ultimate Charge Rate Modifier: 100%

▪ Respawn Time Modifier: 100%

▪ Ability Cooldown Modifier: 100%

▪ Disable Skins: Off

▪ Disable Health Bars: Off

▪ Disable Kill Cam: On

▪ Disable Kill Feed: Off

▪ Headshots Only: Off

V. Team Options:

▪ Team Balancing: Off

▪ When Balancing Occurs: Never


• Coin flip winner will determine who vetoes the map first.


• Teams alternate vetoes until there are 3 maps left, which will be played during

the match.

• Map veto continues until one map remains, which will be used as the first

map for the match.

• Team who veto first will select their starting side on map one.

• Loser of map one will select map two. Winner of map one will select their

starting side.

• If match is tied, the remaining map will be played. Winner of map two will

select their starting side.


• Assault – The team that secures the most capture points within the time limit


• Escort – The team which reaches the final check point wins. If both teams

reach the final check point, teams will take turns starting from the starting

point with the remaining time. If neither team reaches the final checkpoint,

then the team that pushed the payload furthest will win.

• Control – These maps are played as best of 3. The team that captures 2

control points wins.

• Draw – Games that end in a Draw on an Assault, Escort, or Hybrid map, a

random control map will be played in a Best-of-One (Bo1) format. The winner

of this control map will win the game.



a. it is forbidden to use the pause without an obvious reason, such as player


b. Game host/moderator have to pause the game immediately when a

team request it in chat.

c. Team that requested pause need to announce the reason before or

immediately after pause.

d. Each team is granted a total of 10 minutes pause time during the match.

e. Admins hold the right to request teams to pause during the match in case

of any other issues, and the time used to pause the match will not count

for the team it was requested to.

f. Abusing the pause time can lead into punishment or direct team



In the case that a player(s) disconnects, the team is allowed to continue to

play the match at a disadvantage.


A rehost can only be played with prior admin approval. In a re-hosted game

each participant must choose the same side as they picked at the start of the

the original match.


Image result for street fighter 5


1. Game Version: PC

2. Mode: Versus Mode

3. Timer: 99 Seconds

4. Rounds: 3 Rounds

Final & Bronze Match: 5 Rounds

*Each round in BO5 format

* All of the brackets are to be determined by the number of participants.

5. Handicap: None


1. Players select their characters. Players may elect to do Double Blind Character


2. Players mutually decide on stage. If unable to decide within 10 seconds, random

will be chosen

3. The players play the first match of the set

4. Winning player of the preceding match is locked onto their character

5. Losing player may change their character

6. Players play on the same stage as previous, or random if that was chosen.

7. Repeat steps 4 through 6 for all subsequent matches until the set is complete.


1. In-Game Macros: Players can change the macros through the settings

2. Hardware/Controller Macros: Any external macros, rapid fire buttons and the like

are banned from tournament use

3. Pausing: Purposefully or accidentally pausing mid match will cause the pausing

player to forfeit the match, thus giving the opponent an automatic win. Players

will then proceed to step 2.4 of Set Procedure


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