French Kids’ School Lunch Project Web Site


What are the four courses served to French students at lunch?



What beverage options do the students have for lunch?



What is the minimum amount of time children are allowed to sit and eat lunch? Why?




How do students in preschool, elementary and middle grades receive their food?




How do high school students receive their food?



‘Commensality’ is important to the French – what does it mean?




School lunches are under local or national control?



What is the average price of a French school lunch?



What happens if a family cannot afford to pay for school lunch?



French schools follow strict dietary guidelines. How many times per month can they serve fried foods?



Cantiniere is the term for a person who prepares school lunches. Why are most of these people women?




If a child has food allergies, what is his/her option for lunch?





The author mentions several criticisms of the French approach to school lunch. Choose three and summarize them on your own notebook paper. Please staple to the back of this page.