One week Stakeholder Workshop on

Geospatial Technology for Biodiversity conservation in Western Ghats




9.00-10.30 AM

11.00-12.30 AM

2.30-4 PM

4.30-6 PM

20th June Monday


(starts at 10:00am)

Case Study 1 :

Geospatial Technology & Biodiversity Mapping

Dr R.C. Prasad

  • Basic concepts of GIS
  • Introduction to QGIS

21st June Tuesday

Case Study 2:

Open Source, Open Data and potential for Biodiversity
 Dr. K.S. Rajan

Mobile GIS

Epicollect and OSMand


Installation and usage

Collection of field data & importing in QGIS

22nd June Wednesday

Data creation, Digitizing, Data Cleaning
Theory + Hands-on)

Georeferencing & Projections
Theory + Hands-on)

23rd June Thursday

Case Study 3:

Information bases on Western Ghats

Dr SN Prasad

Spatial Data Analysis


Spatial Data Analysis


24th June


WebGIS, Spatial Databases, Geoserver


WebGIS, Spatial Databases, Geoserver


25th June Saturday

Case Study 4:

Western Ghats Biodiversity Portal

Mr. Gowtham G

Project Presentations

Feedback & Valedictory function