EPICS V4 Telecon, 20-Aug-2013


Just one item this week.

0. Preliminaries, 5 mins

1. Release process mechanics. What you actually type and who types it.


I want us to actually do at least the Java "pre" release right in the meeting. That

is, the right people actually type the right things to update hg tags, poms, RELEASE_VERSIONS,

execute makereleaseJars.sh and upload the resulting file.


From the java experience, get comments on how the c++ side shall be packaged for this

release. When.


Present: AJ, DH, GW, GS, MK, MS, TK



GW: all we need to do now is to tag the modules

GW: intend to do a release during the meeting

GW: what’s the version numbering?

GW: release process. Module developers do everything, and release # is up to module developer.

MK: should we also create branch?

GW: Not required.

AJ: Create a branch, do it once. Prefer to create a branch to do all the work once.

GW: Not agree. 1. may never use the branch any more; 2.

MK: Agree with AJ.

AJ: A branch is helpful to fix bugs on previous release

GW: suggest to create a branch only when needed

MK: Feel easier to have a branch

Prop RESOLUTION: For now, our practice will be to create a branch on a tagged revision

only at the time that is needed to make a bugfix for that revision.

DH: One person has to …., it should be the package releaser

AJ: suggest to revise the release doc

MK: Want a start

MJ: Cloudbee could not do anything


mrk> hg tag 3.0.0

mrk> hg commit -m "Version 3.0.0"

nothing changed

mrk> hg push

pushing to ssh://mrkraimer@hg.code.sf.net/p/epics-pvdata/pvDataJava


searching for changes

remote: adding changesets

remote: adding manifests

remote: adding file changes

remote: added 1 changesets with 1 changes to 1 files

remote: <Repository /nfs/sf-hg/e/ep/epics-pvdata/pvDataJava> refresh queued.


Subtopic: Release name:

Release name shall be of form:

EPICS-CPP-4.3.0[-pre1|-rc]  [.tar.gz]

EPICS-Java-4.3.0[-pre1|-rc]  [.tar.gz]

For CPP, we decide that the subdirectory beneath the root, should not have the tag names.

# =================================================================

# Ev4 Release name               Repo name          Tag/version

# ------------------             ------------   ----------------------

EPICS-Java-4.3.0-pre1            pvDataJava         3.0.0

EPICS-Java-4.3.0-pre1            pvAccessJava   3.0.0

EPICS-Java-4.3.0-pre1            easyPVAJava        2.1-SNAPSHOT

EPICS-Java-4.3.0-pre1            exampleJava        2.1.0

EPICS-Java-4.3.0-pre1            caj                1.1.10

EPICS-Java-4.3.0-pre1            jca                2.3.6

EPICS-CPP-4.3.0-pre1             pvCommonCPP        3.0-pre1

EPICS-CPP-4.3.0-pre1             pvDataCPP          3.0-pre1

EPICS-CPP-4.3.0-pre1             pvAccessCPP        3.0-pre1

EPICS-CPP-4.3.0-pre1             pvIOCCPP           3.0-pre1    

EPICS-CPP-4.3.0-pre1             exampleCPP         3.0-pre1    

EPICS-CPP-4.3.0-pre1             pvaSrv             v0.9.1            


AI on David: will change all tags to c++ modules, and construct and test tar file.

AI on MK: change pvAccessJava tag.

Meeting ends: 9:45 PDT