Holy Apostles College and Seminary 

                                                             Online Learning UNDERGRADUATE Summer 2017

                         Registration Opens March 21, 2017 thru April 28.  $25 late fee applied after April 28th

Summer Semester Classes offered from May 8, 2017 - August 18, 2017


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                                       Sacred Art Workshops Held On-site in Mystic, CT at Ender’s Island (1-credit each)

SAI 100-4 Byzantine Iconography Workshop: Saints & Angel Icon (5/7/17 - 5/12/17)

SAI 110-5 Sacred Music  (8/6/17 - 8/11/17)

SAI 131-1 Evening Enrichment Stained Glass Workshop: Thematique Project (Every Wednesday from 4/19/17 to 7/5/17)

SAI 140-1 Calligraphy Workshop: Fundamentals of Calligraphy  (6/25/17 - 6/30/17) 





Class Title




APO 512


Core Required

 Prof. Patrick Madrid

CHH 300

Church History

Core Required

Prof. Heather Voccola


ENG 131


Core Required

Dr. Hilary Finley

ENG 151


Core Required

Dr. Hilary Finley

ENG 221

Novels, Short Stories, and Literary Research

Core Required

Prof. Cynthia Gniadek

GRK 202

Greek II


Prof. John Hornyak

GRK 203

Greek III


Prof. John Hornyak

HIS 101

Western Civilization I

Core Required

Dr. John Bequette

HIS 200

American History

Core Recommended

Fr. Gregoire Fluet

HIS 352

Eastern Civilization II

History Major  Elective

Fr. Peter Kucer

HUM 104

Humanities in the Early Christian & Medieval World

Core Recommended

Dr. John Bequette

LAT 203

Latin III

Core Recommended

Dr. Philippe Yates

MTH 300

Moral Theology

Core Required

Prof. Jacob Torbeck

MTH 380

Theology of the Body

Core Required

Dr. Cynthia Toolin-Wilson

PAS 161

Catechism Pillars I & II

Core Required

Prof. Steven Schultz

PAS 162

Catechism Pillars III & IV

Core Required

Prof. Steven Schultz

PHE 450


Core Recommended

Prof. Christopher Apodaca

PHH 304

History of Medieval Philosophy

Core Required

Dr. Jonathan Kirwan

PHS 421

Philosophy of Nature

Philosophy Elective

Dr. David Arias

PHS 450

Philosophical Anthropology

Core Required

Prof. Christopher Apodaca

SAS 451

Synoptic Gospels

Core Recommended

Fr. Randy Soto

SAS 471

Letters of St. Paul

Core Recommended

Fr. William Mills

SCM 101

Mathematics Among the Liberal Arts

Core Required

Dr.Heric  Flores


SCM 301

Anatomy and Physiology I


Prof. Adam Riso


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                                               All Undergraduate students must register through their adviser, Mrs. Taylor Riso.  

Phone: 860-632-3036          E-Mail: triso@holyapostles.edu 


(see Notes for additional costs for specific courses)


Registration Fee

(fee remains the same regardless of number of classes a student takes)


Sacred Art Workshops

1 credit offered on-site in Mystic, CT at Enders Island Retreat Center


(Note:  All courses for UNDERGRADUATE Credit only.  A completed application form must be on file before you can register.)

 Note:  For security reasons,  please call in your credit card information if you are emailing us this registration form.

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