The King’s Way Volunteer Application


Ministry  Applying For:  _____________________________________________________

Full Name         __________________________________________________________________

First:                                              Middle:                                        Last:

Address             __________________________________________________________________

City                     ___________________________________ State_______ Zip_______________

Email                  __________________________________________________________________

Phone Cell   (________) ___________________ Home (________) ____________________



In order to better encourage and show appreciation to you and your important life events, we want to celebrate with you!


Birthday            ______/_______/___________

Spouse              _____________________________________________________

First:                                               Last:

Anniversary  ______/_______/___________

Water Baptized?                     Y   N     Date______/_______/___________

Holy Spirit Baptized?              Y   N     Date______/_______/___________

King’s Way Membership         Y   N         Date______/_______/___________


Talent / Skills: 

What training or experience do have that you are willing to share? _____________





Have you considered serving in other areas of ministry? What areas interest you?






Visible volunteers are often assumed to be Christian disciples and trustworthy by other attendees.  We want to be wise in our verbal and non-verbal communication.  Therefore, we will do background checks for all who volunteer.


Please read and sign The King’s Way Background Check Release Authorization.

The King’s Way Background Check Release Authorization

Information received by this Authorization is used exclusively by The King’s Way for the purpose of determining suitable ministry areas.

I authorize without reservation, all sources of employment, motor vehicle, criminal history, personal character, and any other party contacted by a duly authorized agent of The King’s Way Foursquare Church (aka Sequim West Foursquare), to furnish information whether the said records are public or private, and including those which may be confidential in nature. This authorization is valid during the course of my ministry service at The King’s Way.

I certify that I have made true and complete answers on my application and in my personal representation.  I understand and agree that any omission, untruth, or misleading statement, made by me on my application and in any interviews will be sufficient cause for discharge from ministry with The King’s Way.


Print Name: ___________________________________________________________________

                    First:                                              Middle:                                        Last:


______________________________________        ______________

Signature                                                                                        Date 


Other Names Used / Maiden Name __________________________________________________

Previous Address ____________________________________________________________________

Previous City_____________________________ State___________ Zip_______________

Driver’s License #        ____________________________________ State ____________

Personal References:

Name:_________________________________ Phone:(_______)___________________

Name:_________________________________ Phone:(_______)___________________

Is there anything you want to tell us about your personal history before we do a background check?         o No            o Yes - Contact me to set-up an appointment. 


2016 / Office Use Only:

References Called:__________________________________________________________________

Background Highlights:______________________________________________________________