Agreed Upon Meeting Norms - Cabinet

  1. Be on time.
  2. No technology; for emergency calls Superintendent’s Office can be contacted and they will get us 827-3020. Technology pertinent to the meeting.  
  3. Confidentiality.
  4. Honesty/Forthcoming,
  5. Start/End timely (90 minute block), last 30 minutes generally for small group discussion and issues to be discussed.
  6. Respectful dialogue.
  7. Get agenda items to Joanne by the Friday before Cabinet meeting.
  8. Rose Aldubaily will make sure we stick with our norms--Taskmaster.
  9. Joanne notetaker; facilitator Glenn; agenda Glenn and Joanne coordinate--but all can set agenda items.
  10. Might assign roles to others on cabinet.
  11. Seating--Glenn changes seat every meeting just to mix things up a little :-)
  12. Focus on District Goals, Glenn’s 90 day plan and Goals, Cabinet Member Goals
  13. Email to Joanne and Glenn if attending other out of District Meetings

Potential General Administrators - Norms and Feeder Track Norms

  1. Be on time.; we start at 8.30 am sharp.
  2. No technology; for emergency calls Superintendent’s Office, 845-3020, can be contacted and they will get us
  3. Confidentiality.
  4. Honesty/forthcoming.
  5. Start/End time 8.30-10.30, last 30 minutes provide some flex time. Cabinet and small group discussions between 10.30-11.30.
  6. Respectful dialogue.
  7. Need a taskmaster.
  8. Might assign roles to others on Cabinet. (do you want this on Gen Admin norms?)
  9. No Announcements. - An announcement sheet will be sent out on the Tuesday before Gen Admin; there will be a question and answer period from announcements sent.  
  10. Presentations must be interactive. No lecture or speaking to the group.  Practice what we preach.
  11. Seating, we will have mixed seating. Cabinet must sit at different tables. David will be in charge of getting different seating arrangements through a fun process at the start of the meeting.
  12. Begin with the End in Mind (Covey) Yearly outline  - There will be a full year outline of topics related to district goals, Glenn’s 90 day plan and Goals, Cabinet Goals and all Administrator Goals.
  13. All speakers must use the microphone.  
  14. Agenda will be set with approximate time for each interactive presentation/activity. Glenn will stand up to warn speaker that they are near the end of their allotted time.

Feeder Track Meetings and Elementary, Middle and High School Meetings.

Same as above plus,

  1. All meetings held in schools.
  2. Be on time and get ready for your team walkthroughs.
  3. Focus is on instructional practice and student achievement results via instructional rounds:  Example: 8:00-8:15 - agenda setting, focus for walkthroughs discussed (elementary will have different timing as the day starts at 8:40 in most elementary's) walk throughs from 8:15-8:45, debrief, meeting until 10:00.

Elementary: Meeting - 8:00-8:30, 8:30-8:45 establish focus for walkthroughs, 8:45-9:15 rounds--debrief for 15 minutes, then wrap meeting up by 10:00. (Lowrey, McUnis and Salina Elem begin at 8:00--all others at 8:40).

General Admin: Discussion on sharing this with PLCs-admins share at building PD so staff is aware that the rounds are about admin learning with focus on teaching and learning.

Glenn possibly to reinforce when he addresses elementary and secondary at District PD day on September 3?

           AP Meetings

        Same as Feeder Track and Department Meetings

        8:00 am start time in buildings. Walkthroughs first.

School Level Building Norms

Note:  Cabinet members will attend Building Staff meetings and late starts to provide

support and visibility.

Potential Norms or Ideas from General Administrators Group

Please add ideas below.

From Martha:  Does no technology include laptops?  I only ask because another way to make the meeting interactive is to have a preset Google Doc template shared with those in attendance, on which everyone can take notes.  In addition, there is a “Parking Lot” space for everyone to put ideas and concerns that could be addressed at a later time or via email.  Then, it is saved and put in Google Folder, and we all have access to the information (including scanned articles and handouts from that meeting, instead of us picking up piles of papers as we walk in).  Paperless!  Money Saving!!  :-)

Or, if you don’t want any technology, perhaps we have a notebook that you provide (like the one we got from resa) that we bring to each meeting.  That’s our “go to” for info from our admin meetings.  

From Sue S.  All of these look great.  I am in support of Martha’s ideas.

From Sara Dirkse:  Could the project display be enlarged?  Sometimes presentations are difficult to see unless directly in front of the projector.