Business Name

Wedding Cake Contract

_______________, Baker/Owner

Home Phone: ___________________

Cell Phone: ____________________

Alternate Phone: ________________

Email: _______________________

Bride’s Name: _______________________

Contact Number: _______________________

*Please provide me with any other important contact names & numbers (groom, parents of the bride and/or, groom, etc.)




Date of Wedding/Reception:


Wedding time: ____________________

Event Information

Location/Address of wedding reception: _________________________

Preferred Time of Delivery (if any): _________________________________

Facility Manager or Wedding Coordinator: ____________________________

Phone Numbers: _____________________________________

Delivery and set up of the cake will be managed by: ______________________

Cell Phone/Number to reach Rose on delivery day: _______________________

See Additional Notes about Delivery and Setup.

Any Other Special Instructions & Notes (special door to enter facility, directions

to site, etc.):





Wedding Cake Description:

Please initial where indicated.

(In this space I include all relevant details including number and shape of tiers

and tier sizes, number of servings, colors, etc.) Here’s an example: The cake will

be round tiers of cake, size 6, 9 and 12” round tiers for a total of 100 servings. The

cake flavors will be as indicated below and the cake will be covered and

decorated with homemade marshmallow fondant. The decorations will be pale

pink and gold. See attached photo for the cake design/inspiration - I will be

replicating that cake.

The flavor(s) will as follows:

● 6” Strawberry Cake with Cream Cheese Buttercream

● 9” White Almond Sour Cream Cake with Vanilla Buttercream

● 12” Strawberry Cake with Cream Cheese Buttercream

Wedding Cake with __ #servings* $


The cake will be on a (indicate size) drum. The cake stand, if applicable, will need

to be set up prior to delivery. It will need to be (indicate size and shape) stand. If

you’re interested in renting a silver one from me, please let me know.


The cake topper (if applicable), will be provided by the bride at least 2 weeks prior

to the wedding date if I am to attach it.


*Serving = 1” x 2” x 4” slices, serving chart available upon request

Groom’s Cake Specifications & Description:

Please initial where indicated.

(In this space I include all relevant details including number and shape of tiers

and tier sizes, number of servings, colors, etc.). See attached photo for the cake



Groom’s Cake with __ # servings* $

*Serving = 1” x 2” x 4” slices (serving charts available upon request)

If this cake is to be displayed on a stand, please let me know and I’ll determine

what size it needs to be.


Delivery & Set Up: It is your responsibility to provide a stable and level surface

at least four feet off the ground where the cake is to be set up. Cakes are safest

when they are displayed against a wall. Once the cake had been delivered and

set up, the care and condition of the cake becomes your responsibility. Rose

Bakes is not liable for any damage that may occur thereafter, including someone

bumping the table, a stand or table breaking or collapsing, child damage, or any

other possible causes.


Outdoor Locations: Humidity and heat can adversely affect your cake.

In the warmer months, it is recommended the cake be kept in air conditioning

or, at the very least, a cool area. (Please note that refrigeration is not

recommended for fondant covered cakes.) It is strongly recommended that

cakes being picked up by the customer be transported in an air-conditioned

vehicle and if you transport it, you are responsible for any damage once it leaves

my possession. You acknowledge that I am in no way responsible for any

damage that may occur due to weather conditions or outdoor locations including

heat, humidity or insects. Cakes should never be displayed in direct sunlight or

anywhere sunlight might eventually move. Please prepare a back-up plan in case

of inclement weather. Determine someplace safe where the cake can be

displayed indoors on exceedingly hot days or in case of rain.


Cancellation Policy - $100 of the deposit is non-refundable. If you notify me

(Rose) of a cancellation at least 60 days prior to the event, I will refund the

remainder of any payments made. No refunds will be given after that date.


My Obligation (I insert my name “Rose’s Obligation”) – I take my obligation to

provide your wedding cake as agreed in this contract very seriously. However,

should an unforeseeable event occur which prevents me from fulfilling our

obligation and I must cancel our agreement with you, I will refund your payment

in-full. In addition, if at all possible I will work with you to find another qualified

bakery to assist you with your wedding cake and will cooperate in transferring

materials to the new baker. This has never happened... but I just have to say it!


Changes and Cancellations - Reasonable changes to your order may be made up

to 2 weeks prior to the event. Additional costs may be incurred and this contract

may be amended depending on the nature of the changes. If I (Rose) am able, I

will accommodate any changes you request including, but not limited to number

of servings, flavors, shapes, and decorations. In such event, we will complete

and sign an adjusted contract that describes such changes and any resulting

additional charges. Changes requested less than 2 weeks prior to the event will

be considered but may be denied.


Photographs of Your Cake – I (Rose) reserve the right to take and use my own

photos of your cake(s) to use for marketing and promotional purposes, including

advertising and promotion without compensation to you.


Liability for Mistakes – While I (Rose) will make every effort to provide exactly

details you have requested, the creation of a wedding cake is an art and may be

subject to slight variations and/or errors by the creator(s), including colors.


Pricing Summary

Wedding Cake Total: $

Groom’s Cake Total: $

Stand Rental: $

Other Misc Charges: (such as cookies, favors, cupcakes, etc.)

Delivery/Set-Up: $ (to name of location)


Save the Date Deposit Paid: - $100 (non-refundable)

50% Payment: $

Due/Paid: (I require it 6-8 weeks prior to wedding)

Remaining Payment: $

Due/Paid: (required 2 weeks before wedding date)


Note: The full deposit and/or payment may be paid any time prior to due date. If full payment is

not received by the due date, your order may be terminated and no refund offered.

We (bride and groom) have read and understand and agree to comply with this

agreement. We have received a copy of this contract for our records.

Signature of the Bride___________________________ Date __________

Signature of the Groom__________________________Date __________



This signed contract and deposit can be returned to ______ at the following address: ______

Checks are payable to __________. If you’d like to pay by credit card, please contact me and I can send a Paypal invoice to be paid online.

Attach photos HERE: