The Performance Dashboard provides a quick way to view user progress in a course. Instead of relying on course statistics, this provides information on the user's last login information including the number of days since a user entered the course. Instructors can also see the Review Status of all currently available items for a single user in the course.

To view the statistics of your course:

  1. Navigate to the course shell in Blackboard that you wish to view the statistics of.
  2. Expand the Evaluation menu under Course Management and click on Performance Dashboard.

Performance Dashboard.png

  1. The Performance Dashboard will appear. It should look similar to the one illustrated below.

Perf Dash Page.png

To view the status of an item in the Performance Dashboard:

  1. Select the number under the Review Status column next to the user in question. The Review Status page for this user appears. The Instructor may check the Review Status for each item that has the Review Status enabled, either through an Adaptive Release Rule or the Review Status Option.
  2. After clicking on the number, a review status page will load and have information about if the items in your course were marked reviewed. An example is pictured below.

To view the Adaptive Release progress of a particular user:

  1. Select the Adaptive Release icon next to the user's information: 

  1. This will open a pop-up window of the course map with icons to designate if a particular piece of content is visible to this user, and the review status of items.

  1. Close this window and return to the Performance Dashboard.