BUDGETING – This individual budgeting counseling is taught by

                                Susi Tornow (MBA) and is available Monday thru

                                Thursday from 10:30 – 3:00.  The purpose is to

                                empower those who are having difficulty keeping

                                or making a budget.  

GRIEF COUNSELING – is offered at P.U.S.H. by Ashley Gillispie.

                                 Ashley has her Masters in Social Work and a

                                 good part of her career has focused on grief.  

                                 Counseling is offered on Tuesday nights from

                                 5 – 7 but exceptions can be made when needed.

LIFE SKILLS -    A series of Life Skill classes and individual

                                 life skill counseling is offered by Chad McMillian

                                 who is certified and liscensed by the National

                                 Partnership in Community Leadership.  The

                                 topics addressed are:

                                              Anger Management

                                              Dealing with Stress

                                              Effective Communication

                                              Male/Female Relationships

Life Counseling -  Jill Burcham/Pastor of P.U.S.H. Ministries has

                                     her B.S. in Sociology and  4 yrs  Seminary.

                                     She offers counseling in the following areas;

                                                Preparing to get a job

                                                Life Changes/transitions



              P.U.S.H. Ministries 117 N.Main St. Galax, Va.  276 235 1059