Digital Media Academy - Graphic Design Track

In this track students will learn how to use many of the Adobe applications to effectively create and manage digital images, graphics and illustrations. Basic design principles will be taught and employed in the creation of the various projects. After completing this course, a student will be able to apply his/her skills in Animation, Photography, Video Production and Web Design. It is a good, basic foundation class open to and useful to anyone in our increasingly technological, visual society.

Units of Study

Elements and Principles of Design: As a group we will read about the elements and principles of design. You will complete a variety of individual and group projects that demonstrate our understanding of these concepts.

Typography: As a group we will read about typography. You will complete a variety of individual projects that demonstrate your understanding of how to apply the typography concepts learn in this unit.

Logo Design: This unit will develop your understanding of color theory, logo design and skill with Adobe Illustrator.

Digital Photography: This unit will develop your understanding of using a DSLR camera to shoot in a variety of lighting conditions. You will learn about composition and other photographic techniques.

Graphic Design Projects: We will create a series of projects such as business cards, posters, and digital signage advertisements. These projects will demonstrate both the design concepts we have covered and our skill with photography and Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator.

Online Tools: This series of projects will allow us to explore the wide variety of online design and publishing tools available for free. Most of the materials for this class are online and the majority of assignments will be turned in electronically.

Drawing Skills: Students will learn a variety of drawing techniques and practice developing their drawing skills throughout the course.

Adobe Software: We will develop our skills with many of the Adobe applications including Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, After Effects and hopefully InDesign.

Infographics/Data Visualization: In this unit we will explore ways to design graphics that effectively communicate complex data using a variety of techniques including color, size, and orientation.

Drawing Tablet: In this unit you will learn how to take advantage of a pressure sensitive drawing tablet when working with Photoshop masks, the mixer brush and a variety of other digital drawing/painting techniques.

Employment Skills: You will have the opportunity to build your employment skills through team activities, presentations, and building things like resumes and portfolios.

Instructor Information: Joe Dockery

I am an Adobe Education Leader which means I get to travel all over the country training teachers on how to use many of the Adobe applications. I am the Wildcat Production Club and Key Club advisor so I will be hosting club meetings in room 121 at the high school every Wednesday and Thursday.

High School Phone: 425-831-8126        | Freshman Campus Phone: 425-831-****
email:         Web Site: 

I will be teaching at the Freshman Campus 1st and 2nd period, so before school is going to be the best time to get extra help and time on the computers if you are a freshman. I will be teaching at the high school 4th – 6th period so after school will be the best time to catch up at the high school. I will be traveling during my prep 3rd period (9:40 – 10:40).

Required Text
We will be using the Internet for our reading and assigned tutorials.


Come to Class Prepared

Each day you should come to class with a wooden pencil and your sketch book. The sketch book can be a simple spiral notebook with lined or unlined paper.

Tech Prep College Connections

This course is part of the competency-based articulation agreement between Bellevue College and Mount Si High School.  Tech Prep provides an opportunity to earn college credit while in high school. Students must register, earn a B or better in the class and pay the $46 registration fee.

This course is articulated with: DMA 103 Graphic Design Fundamentals

For more info on Tech Prep visit their website at

Class Expectations

All school rules apply in this classroom, as well as, the following classroom specific expectations.

  1. Safety for students and equipment is our number one concern
  1. Be respectful of others and the equipment
  2. Only film, animate or publish appropriate material
  1. By keeping our work area clean and well organized we make it safer and more efficient
  1. Pick up after yourself and push in chairs
  2. No food or drink other than water
  1. Class time is a valuable commodity; we maximize it by doing the following?
  1. Be on time (logged on when the bell rings!), on task, bring a note from the office after absence
  2. No surfing the web or playing games (No games anytime!)
  3. Don’t download or install anything on the computers without permission
  1. Having a positive and supportive work environment will make our jobs more enjoyable and productive.
  1. Listen and compromise
  2. Listen to music using headphones (NOT YouTube, use Pandora)
  3. Use agenda for hall pass during bathroom breaks (4 per quarter)
  4. Help others
  5. Use appropriate language
  6. Ask questions
  7. Have fun!

*Students or teachers that do not follow these guidelines may be subject to detention, long winded lectures and/or fines

Class Fee: This class has a $5 class fee that is not related to the $10 technology fee. Please pay at the finance window and show the receipt to the instructor in the first two weeks of class.


You will be expected to be engaged during all class meetings and conduct yourself in a manner that is respectful to your peers, instructor and the learning environment. Attendance will be taken every class period. You will lose participation points for being absence, tardy or off task. In the event of an absence, it is your responsibility to find out what was covered and make up the work. You can earn participation points back by completing the optional make-up assignments.


You will be expected to create an online portfolio using a tool like You should have a professional welcome message and an “About Me” page that include sections on your goals, recognition, and experience. Each quarter you will create a new page that will highlight your best projects and how they demonstrate what you have learned/mastered.

Online Grades: This gives you access to attendance and assignment information. There is a link off our high schools web site at You should have the username and password. Don’t worry about missing assignments, only assignments that have ZERO. Most assignments can be redone for a higher score if you earned a C or below.

Turning in Work: Students are expected to complete all written work on time. Electronic assignments maybe completed any time prior to the end of the quarter. We will use a combination of email, Google Drive, our Weebly Portfolio and the HTLC Dropbox to turn in our work. Please read the directions carefully so you can get credit for your work.

Course Information Agreement

Student Name (print)  __________________________         Date           /            /            / Student signature          __________________________                             

Parent(s) Name (print)   __________________________        Date           /            /            /

Best time and way to contact you:                  

Home phone: (         )         Work: (         )          Cell: (         )                  Email:   ___________________________________________________

Parent Permission for Publication of Student Photo and to Publish on the Web

It is our practice when preparing work for external publication on the Internet to seek parent permission before including their child’s photo or work.

Description of Possible Projects: website design, student blog or journal, student projects in the form of video, music, animation, or graphic design


The School District has my permission to publish a photo of my child for a publication on the Internet.

I understand that my child’s full name will not be published on the Internet. As the parent or guardian of this student, I have read the Internet/Intranet Publishing Agreement and allow my student to be a Content Contributor*. I agree to allow my student's work to be published on an Internet accessible server. I understand that use of electronic information resources is designed for educational purposes.

I have read, understand and agree to the course outline, computer lab and production guidelines, class fee, grading policy, publish on the web agreement.

Parent(s) Signature  __________________________                    Date           /            /            /         


Electronic Equipment Check Out Agreement

The Snoqualmie Valley School District #410 agrees to loan the above student electronic equipment to promote the educational advancement or computer/electronic technology.

It is understood that:

1.   The student will not add software or alter any configurations. The student is responsible for any costs associated with reconfiguring the computer to work when it is returned to the work site.

2.   Reasonable care will be taken to insure proper use and maintenance of the equipment.

3.   The student will notify their parents’ homeowner’s insurance company of the equipment on loan from the school district so that the equipment will be covered in their home.

4.   School district equipment will not be used for personal profit or gain.

5. The equipment on loan will be returned before school the next school day.

Parent(s) Signature  __________________________                    Date           /            /            /                 

Students Signature  
__________________________                    Date           /            /            /