Wednesday 08/03/17            What we did today!


Today in SMART we got ready to go down to the shore and get lots of kelp for helping grow our vegetables and plants. When we got down there everyone got a pair of gloves and started to lift kelp into buckets and then dumped it into the trailer.

Once we were finished collecting the kelp we went back to the school on the bus.IMG_0121.JPG

When we got to the school we lifted the sheets of the beds and covered the beds with kelp the reason we did that is because kelp is good for plants in acts like fertilizer but it’s much more natural.

We were getting kelp to help things grow but we were also doing it for our John Muir Award by conserving the wild. The good things that kelp does is

  1. Kelp is a natural source of lots of vitamins and minerals
  2. Kelp is used in herbal and alternative medicines.