Replacement of Library Materials

A replacement is an item purchased to take the place of an identical title previously in the collection.  It is the Library’s policy not to automatically replace materials withdrawn because of loss, damage, or wear.  The need for replacement in each case is judged by three factors:

  1. Existence of adequate coverage of the subject, especially if more current material is available.
  2. Demand for the specific title.
  3. The overall collection plan for the library system.

Shelving of New and Special Collections

Both fiction and non-fiction materials may be temporarily relocated to special display sections in order to highlight the selection’s availability to library patrons.   Newly published materials or high quality books that are new to the library may be displayed in a prominent section of the library as “new selections” for up to three months.  Special displays that relocate fiction and non-fictions selections from their regularly assigned shelving location may also be made available to emphasize those selections within the general library collection. 


The Library will use the CREW Manual, Texas State Library and Archives Commission, 1995, as the basis for weeding our library collections.


for PROCEDURES, see Inventory Maintenance Guidelines - Materials

in the Personnel Manual/Staff Handbook