Lisa Hatfield, Elementary Band Teacher




A note from Mrs. Hatfield:  

Welcome to the Batavia Band Program, I am honored to be teaching your child this year! This will be my 13th  year teaching band in Batavia, and I couldn’t be more excited!  I received my Music Education degree from VanderCook College of Music in 2006, and my Masters in Educational & Instructional Technology from Northern Illinois University in 2011.   As a band director, I am knowledgeable of all of the band instruments, but my mains are piano, saxophone, baritone, and percussion!  I currently live in Aurora with my husband, Dave.  

Please never hesitate to contact me with any questions, concerns, or anything else!  Because I travel to a different school every day, email is the BEST way to contact me.  Leaving a message on my voicemail or with a secretary may take a week to get to me…try emailing first for the quickest response!  This is going to be a GREAT year, thank you for your cooperation, encouragement, and enthusiasm for music as a new Batavia Band parent!

Essential Learning Outcomes:

1. To accurately perform music from notation and/or by ear
2. To recognize and identify elements of music 
from sound and/or notation
3. To critically analyze music
4. To positively contribute to a music ensemble

5th Grade Band Performances for 2016-2017:

1.  Monday, December 17 @ BFAC – 7pm

2.  Tuesday, April 9 @ BHS Gym – 7pm

3.  Monday, May 6 @ RMS – 7pm

Required Band Materials:

1. All: Essential Elements Book 1, pencil, Instrument, & folding metal music stand.

2: Woodwinds: reeds, cork grease, swab, cleaning rod/cloth (flutes).

3. Brass: Valve oil and slide cream.

4. Percussion: sticks, mallets, & Alfred’s Drum Book 1.

Band Student & Teacher Expectations:

1.  Do the best you can 100% of the time!

2.  Bring all materials to your lessons & rehearsals.

3.  Be on time to all lessons & rehearsals.

4.  Respect each other, instruments & property of others.  

5.  No food, drinks or gum in lessons & rehearsals.

*There is a $25 non-refundable fee to participate in band, which should be paid through Power School.

BEFORE SCHOOL BAND REHEARSALS:  Rehearsals are on Wednesdays or Thursdays from September 19/20 to May 1/2. WEST SIDE (AGS, GMW, HCS) rehearses Wednesday mornings at AGS.  EAST SIDE (LWS, HWS, JBN) rehearses Thursday mornings at JBN.  Students should arrive around 7:40am so they are ready for rehearsal at 7:45am.  Rehearsal will end at 8:40am, and the students will be bussed to their respective schools. These rehearsals are mandatory and attendance will be taken at the start of rehearsal.  Please report any absences by emailing me: lisa.hatfield@bps101.net 

CONCERT ATTIRE:  The 5th grade band uniform is the Red Batavia Band/Orchestra/Chorus t-shirt, black pants, black socks, & black shoes. This is very similar to the RMS band uniform as well, so you’re all set for 6th grade!

CONCERT ARRIVAL: Students need to arrive at the appointed call time.  This time is used for seating, warming-up and tuning before the performance.

CONCERT EQUIPMENT: All students should bring their instrument, stands, and music to all concerts.  The only concert where they will NOT need their folding metal music stand is for the Winter Concert at the BFAC.  

GRADING:  Participation in the band program is an elective class that takes place during and outside the school day.  Students’ grades will be based upon three things: attendance, effort (through practicing) and improvement.  Student progress will be tracked through practice logs, lesson goals, and Unit tests.  Students will receive progress reports in December and May (if requested).

LESSONS:  Each band student has a half hour lesson once a week.  The day will always be the same, but the lesson time rotates each week.  Students should arrange with a friend back in class to inform them of what they missed while they were at lessons.  Students need their instruments, music, and filled-out practice logs for each lesson.  If a student forgets his/her instrument, they should still check-in with their lesson teacher.

PRACTICING:  Students are expected to practice outside of school!  They receive monthly practice packets and are always given a specific assignment for the week.  They are required to practice that assignment and keep track of the goals they ahve achieved.  While I am more concerned with the quality of practice, and not necessarily the amount of practice time…I will contact parents to collaborate if I see a lack of practicing throughout the year.  I want them to succeed and feel good about playing in the band!

PRIVATE LESSONS:  I encourage students to take private lessons on their instruments – no matter the age or ability! Private lessons allow students to receive more individual attention and can get more individualized help on their instrument.  There are many teachers in the area who are very skilled and want to teach your child!  Please refer to the band website to see a list of Batavia private teachers.

MUSIC BUFFS:  The Music Buffs is a district wide booster organization, providing assistance to band, orchestra, and choir.  The organization is a great support system and their membership is constantly growing.  By participating in the Music Buffs, you are directly helping your own child!  Please give them your support!  http://bataviamusicbuffs.org

PARENT HELP:  Several parent volunteers will be needed at concerts to help set-up, monitor the students, and tear-down.  If you are able and willing to help with one or all of these tasks, please let me know by email…I couldn’t do this without your help!

I look forward to working with you and your new musician this year!!!