Middle School Student Announcements 

Tuesday  August  8, 2017                                                                             Today is  A  Day

Middle School Tuesday Assembly Flag Raising Schedule         

Tuesday                       August 8                                           Grade   8-1

Tuesday                       August 15                                         Grade   8-2

Tuesday                       August 22                                         Grade   8-3

Tuesday                       August 29                                         Grade   8-4

Tuesday                       September  5                                   Grade   8-5

Tuesday                       September 12                                  Grade   8-6

Tuesday                       September 19                                  Grade   7-1

Tuesday                       September 26                                  Grade   7-2

Tuesday                       October  3                                          Grade   7-3

Tuesday                       October  10                                        Grade   7-4

Tuesday                       October  17                                        Grade   7-5

Tuesday                       October  31                                        Grade   7-6


Tuesday                       November 7                                       Grade   6-1

Tuesday                       November 14                                     Grade   6-2

Tuesday                       November 21                                     Grade   6-3

Tuesday                       November 28                                     Grade   6-4


Tuesday                       December 12                                      Grade   6-5

Upcoming Events

From Ms. Shirley

Hotel Toiletries and Amenities Project

For the up-coming school year 2017-18,  Mr. Olivier’s 11th grade ethics class will once again be organizing their annual donation project called “Hotel Toiletries and Amenities Project” which is aimed at helping the immigrants that have been arrested and are in jail at the detention centers for simply overstaying their visas.

If the collection and the response will be as great as this year, partial collections will be also be donated to Saranelli  House in Nong Khai. We appreciate your contributions to this project and with these products, we can make the living conditions of these people better.

There will be donation boxes all around the school for you to drop off products.

We are collecting basic hygienic items such as:




-shower gel


If you are traveling and staying in hotels, please collect these free items from your rooms to drop to MS 407 in August 2017, But if you are not traveling, you can still give graciously by buying hygienic products, or bringing in unused items that you may already have at home.

For more information contact:


Or stop by room MS 407



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