Background reading on Article 370/35A

Parvaiz Bukhari:

Mridu Rai:

Ather Zia:


2015 debate about abolishing Article 370 (feat. Ram Jethmalani, Subramaniyam Swamy, etc.):

Oct 26, 2016 story on the Instrument of Accession:

United Nations Responses

Indian Supreme Court

Indian Civil society fact-finding trip

Proximate lead-up

Trump/Modi/Imran Khan meetings

Unionist leaders arrested:

Government advisories:

First batch of 10,000 troops sent to Kashmir:

Ram Madhav says Kashmiris overreacting to troop buildup.

Pre-abrogation political maneuvering:

Amit Shah’s growing power:

The legal precursors:

Economic development argument:

Modi’s first speech post-370:

Jean Dreze:

Background reading:

Women’s rights argument

Critical commentary & explainers

General explainers


Rohan Venkataramakrishnan:

Srutisagar Yamunan:

Rajeev Dhavan:

NYTimes video:

Mirza Waheed interview in the New Yorker:

Constitutional matters

Haley Duschinski & Shrimoyee Ghosh:

AG Noorani:

Gautam Bhatia:

Faizan Mustafa:

Justice K. Chendru:

Settler-colonialism and “demographic terrorism” (Bhan)

Mona Bhan:

Mohamad Junaid:

Hafsa Kanjwal:

Ather Zia:

Mona Bhan and Deepti Misri:

Azad Essa:

Kavita Krishnan

Indrajit Hazra:

Binish Ahmed:

Critical Kashmiri Pandit responses

Responses from East Punjab (Religious and Political Leadership), Kashmiri Sikh, Sikh Diaspora, Sikh Activists:


1.) UC Berkeley SSA Petition


2. ) “Hindutva Onslaught on Kashmir: 39 Sikh and Punjabi Opinionists Issue A Collective Response”


3. ”Sikh Groups Express Solidarity with Kashmiris; to Mark August 15th as Black Day in Punjab”:


4.) “Kashmiri Women are Part of Our Society, Sikhs will not Permit Repeat of 1984 with Them: Giani Harpreet Singh”


5.) “Repeat of 1984: Sikhs Stand with Kashmir, Akal Takht Speaks Out”


6.) “India’s Kashmir Move is a Challenge to Global Security and Regional Stakeholders: World Sikh Parliament”


7.) “Sikh Leader in Kashmir Raps India’s Revoking of Region’s Autonomy”


8) “Punjab comes out in strong support of Kashmiris”

***There are numerous Sikh activist groups of different political ideologies and practices, the pro-Khalistan Sikhs For Justice group has organized a protest on August 15th in solidarity with Kashmir at UN Headquarters, more info can be located on their Facebook page.

India’s ethnonationalism

Siddharta Deb:

“Heterosettler fantasies” (Misri)

General editorials




Arundhati Roy:

Mohammad Hanif:

Haseeb Drabu:



Happymon Jacob:

Murtaza Hussain:

Aman Sethi:

Jason Burke:

Mihir Sharma:

Barkha Dutt:

Prem Shankar Jha:

SA Aiyer

AG Noorani:

Jonah Blank:

The Conversation:

Goldie Osuri:

Qanta Ahmed:

Rozina Ali on narratives about Kashmir:

Communication Blockade

Postal services suspended in K Valley:

Impact on relationships:




Impact on India’s “image”

Pankaj Mishra:

Media & other censorship

Deleting footage:

MHA moves to suspend Twitter accounts:

Data gathering:

What it takes to be a photojournalist in Kashmir:

Asif Sultan:

Online manipulation:

Control of movement

Saiba Varma quoted here:


Schools reopen, no students:


Eid related:

Mirza Waheed on the 1990s:

Arrests & Detentions

Approx. 100 arrests by August 7, 2019:

Around 400 arrests by August 8, 2019:

4,000 detained by August 18, 2019

No room to hold detainees:

Centaur Hotel:

Shah Faesal PSA:

Shah Faesal files Habeas Corpus:

Clampdown on/arrests of journalists

Disarming J&K Police

Hospitals/doctors’ arrests

Economic losses in J&K

“Investing” in J&K  -- economic colonialism

Tourism & job creation:

Impact of abrogation on Indian economy

Indian civil society efforts (and critiques)

Shivam Vij:

TM Krishna:

Comparisons to Emergency

Inter-community relations

Pakistan responses

Omer Aijazi:

Ayesha Siddiqa:

Kallol Bhattacherjee:

Ammar Ali Jan:

China responses

Aug 13, 2019:

Jammu responses

Indian government/MHA propaganda

BBC defends its J&K coverage against MHA claims of fabrication of Soura protests:

August 13, 2019:

Army propaganda

Criticism about Indian media coverage

Interviews by CKS Collective members

Mona Bhan on BBC:

CGTV America:

Ather Zia on BBC:

The Heat with Anand Naidoo (CGTV):


Scope on Indus TV (also with Inshah, Huma, Zafar Mehdi)

Inshah Malik on BBC

Goldie Osuri on Al Jazeera:

Nitasha Kaul on BBC:

Suvir Kaul on BBC:


Miscellaneous articles

First-person accounts/Kashmir under lockdown



Aug 10, 2019: Section 144 lifted in Jammu

Aug 13, 2019, AP update:

Aug 13, 2019, SC refuses to ease restrictions in Kashmir:

Important tweets/images