3 Awesome Free Online Formative Assessment Tools




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Ease of Use

Super quick & easy for teacher and students

Very quick & easy for teachers and students.

A bit more to learn for teachers, but not difficult

Easy for students

Question Types

Multiple Choice

Up to 4 choices

Allows for multiple correct

Can add image or YT video to questions

NEW Symbol support for math, science, Spanish, etc  (Math, Greek, Latin, Currency)

Multiple Choice

2-4 choices

1 correct answer

Can add image to question

Symbol Support for Math, Science, Spanish (Math, Greek, Latin, Currency)

Multiple Choice, draw response, short answer, true false, image, video, whiteboard (demo mode)

Can award partial credit on any response by dragging on bar

Sharing with Students

Students go to kahoot.it and enter game code

No Student account required

Students go to join.quizziz.com and enter game code

No Student account required

4 choices for sharing-

1-Quick Code (student go to goformative.com enter code- no student acct needed)

2- Link-  share a link to your quiz (no student acct needed)

2-Create classes in Formative- share Join Code w/ classes

  • Formative Class is required for students to get written  feedback and overall score

3- Google Glassroom share-  share directly to Classroom w/ included button

4- Embed- get embed code to paste in website

Game Format

Teacher Paced

Time counts in score

Student screens show shapes- answer choices must be projected

Show Leaderboard/ Scoreboard

Student Paced

Student screens show answer choices, Teacher computer shows real time results

Homework Option

Student Paced

Can assign Live or for homework


Real time Live results

Download in Excel or save to Google Drive

Color-coded; Overall Results, Breakdown by question, shows time spent and score

Real Time Live Results

Download results to Excel spreadsheet, breakdown by question or student

Real Time Live Results

Real Time Live Feedback

See results in single question or color coded summary

Export results in csv/excel sheet

Student Feedback

Instant feedback individually & whole group

Instant feedback individually as well as review of quiz; teacher screen shows real time results as they come in

Instant individual feedback on self marking questions as well as option to give written feedback (students see immediately)

Students must have accts and join class to receive written feedback and have scores returned

Sharing with other Teachers

1000s of quizzes online-  search, run or copy and edit to make it your own

1000s of quizzes online- search, run or copy and edit to make it your own

New feature allows you to ‘teleport’ or add questions from a variety of different quizzes to your own

Can share code with another teacher and they can add to their assignments

Usage Suggestions

Great for fast paced, competition-based activities when you want to keep all students working at same pace

Great for fast based competition-based activities as well as homework;

Student paced

Create class  & have students join to  save results

Better for more detailed assessments with need for multiple question types


  • Teacher-pacing allows for teaching & discussion during assessment
  • Make a Quiz, Discussion, or a Survey
  • Ghost mode allows students to challenge their own score
  • NEW Symbol support for math, science, Spanish, etc  (Math, Greek, Latin, Currency)

  • Can review whole quiz after completion (individually or as a group)
  • Teleport feature allows you to pull questions from multiple other assessments in Public Quizizz
  • Includes math symbols, Greek, Latin, and Currency
  • NEW! Post straight to Google Classroom

  • Upload & Transform YOUR  pdfs, docs, & images to make them interactive- Add questions, video, notes etc right on image
  • Add image to draw response (graph paper, map, diagram) & students can mark on it
  • Add video, links, text to images, pdfs, docs with Upload & transform for tutorials, etc
  • Standards alignment coming soon
  • Post straight to Google Classroom

Help & Tutorials

Kahoot User Guide

Cubero’s Quizizz Training Notes

Quizizz Tutorial Presentation

Formative YouTube Channel-  Tutorial Videos

Go Formative Guide & Walkthrough Doc