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Golf - Tampa Bay Cup Tournament
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Golf Details (Tampa Bay Cup)

updated 12/2/20

This is a 2-person Scramble Match Play format. 18 holes.

  1. Each team plays for Pinellas (Red) or Hillsborough (Blue)
  1. Each player should wear a shirt of their team’s designated color.
  1. After registration closes whichever counties have more teams signed up may be asked to play for the other county to balance the number of teams.  You do not need to live in a specific county to play for that county
  2. Each player gets a team swag bag.
  3. Based on scores/handicaps one team from Pinellas plays one team from Hillsborough in a head to head match.  Teams with near equivalent scores/handicaps will be matched up to play against each other
  4. Format: each 2-person team plays a scramble format head to head in Match Play (each team’s scramble score per hole either wins, loses or ties the hole versus the team they are playing head to head).  Teams play out all 18 holes even if the match is won during the round, but winning score is recorded (ex: up 4 with 3 holes to go)
  5. Tee times will start at 9am (Red tees for women, silver for men). Schedule at
  6. Teams MUST USE the digital online scoring of their matches. Only one person from the foursome needs to score each hole (see below). Teams are encouraged to group around the 18th green (where we will have any of the leftover beer) and cheer on their teammates as they finish.
  7. Teams earn 1 point for winning match ½ point for tie, and 0 points for losing match
  8. After all matches are completed Team Pinellas or Team Hillsborough will win the Cup based on their team points.  If the two overall teams end with a tie score, match will be decided based on which team won more of the #1 Handicapped hole.
  9. Winning team (Pinellas or Hillsborough) will receive prizes, hold the Cup and a champion’s photo will be taken!
  1. Closest to pin: 3 and 11
  2. Long drive: 6 and 18
  3. Last group please pick up the markers!


We are using Scrolf Golf website to allow players to input the result of each hole on their smart phone so you can view the entire tournament leaderboard in live time and see where your county stands!


Visit that morning before you tee off and select “Tampa Bay Cup”. You select “score for team players” and then check off your match up.  After each hole you can record which county won your hole (or a tie) and it will be posted to the live leaderboard and the score card will come up on your phone!  All you have to do is select which team won each hole on completion of the hole and not only will YOU see the score, but everyone playing will be able to view all scores AND the LCD scoring screen at the final hole will be automatically updated!  Very cool technology and you will know how your county’s team is doing in live time!  I will hand some instructions to you at tee time to make it easier.