ES1 PRJ2, PRJV & PRJD: STM32F05x microcontroller

Starting a project from scratch with Keil MDK-ARM

By Hugo Arends

© 2017 HAN University of Applied Sciences, version 1.0


All lessons provide an example project for μVision. This lesson describes in a nutshell how to start a new project in μVision called ‘helloworld’.

Adding files

In this lesson has been discussed what files are required for a μVision project that uses the Standard Peripheral Driver Library. The directory structure on disk should look like this:

Copy the following directories and their contents to this new directory from any of the example projects:


Creating the project in μVision

Now that all files are in place, let’s create the project and the structure in μVision as described in this lesson.

Project settings

Now that all files are in place, let’s setup the project's settings. The most convenient way to do this, is by copying all settings from an example project. Open one of the example projects by double clicking the UVPROJX file in windows explorer. This will open a new instance of μVision.

In both projects, open the ‘Target Options...’-window .

Now copy all settings from all the tabs from the example project. For instance:


After all settings are copied, close the window by clicking ‘OK’.

That’s it! Building the project should give no warnings and no errors. More lessons? Click here!