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Q&A with David Kim

February 5th - Kaivax lead a “heavily moderated exercise” by running a Q&A for David Kim.

Why are the developers so resistant towards the idea of changing Warp Gate and Forcefield?

We feel Warp Gates are very race defining for Protoss. It's a completely different way to produce units. Because we want every race to feel unique and asymmetric, we like the design of Warp Gates.

Warp Gates were problematic in the past when 1 base or 2 base all ins were too common. We've addressed this a lot in past years.

We've talked about our stance on Force Fields in the past, and it still remains unchanged. We feel like we get a lot of feedback from forums saying there's no micro anyone can do against Force Fields. However, we just don't see this. For example, why do Zerglings or roaches try to bait out Force Fields if micro against them is not possible? Terran players picking off units on one side of Force Fields and dropping them on the more favorable side is another good example. We believe Force Fields are a very unique ability that sometimes feel there was nothing you could do, but that is okay because there are varying degrees of successes and failures. That is just StarCraft: If DTs come in when I have no detectors I'm dead, but that doesn't mean there was nothing I could have done.

What are your plans in order to make "forgotten" units such as Battlecruiser, Broodlord, Viper, etc. usable in high level matches?

As I said earlier today, we prefer not to do design changes in a patch if we can, because changing how the unit functions completely will be very confusing to players.

What are your thoughts on the current state of ZvZ? I notice alot of games tend to be SO close that a single miss click is the difference between winning and losing a game. Is that really considered balance?

As far as specific strategies and tools go in ZvZ, we do feel like players are favoring mass Roach play a lot more recently. That's why we've been exploring potential Hydralisk buffs. We believe a Hydralisk buff in this matchup could bring the Roach/Hydra mix in quicker to combat only-Roach compositions. The advantage of this: in Roach vs. Roach the defender's advantage is smaller than in Roach vs. Roach/Hydra. Therefore, we could potentially see units that counter these compositions such as Ultralisks or Broodlords a bit more.

Why is Starcraft 2 so much more deathball-y than Brood War? Have you thought about changing SC2 to allow for battles that last longer and let players more easily recover from setbacks?

We don't like seeing games where two players both just sit back and mass up to their composition before engaging. This is why we're currently looking into the EU late game PvZ issue.

The end goal in this area in our opinion is not to get rid of mass army vs. mass army scenarios, but more so to have a lot of action, a lot of harassment opportunities, and have each game feeling different.


Patch February 4th


        Mothership Core

            Time Warp energy cost increased from 75 to 100.



            Ghost starting energy increased from 50 to 75.

            The Moebius Reactor upgrade has been removed from the Ghost Academy.


Balance Test Changes :

Visual : http://imgur.com/a/Wn9rN


Mothership Core:




Widow Mine:



Blizzard Arcade Contest

May 31st deadline.

$15k in prizes.



Blizzard Supports Collegiate Players


MKP & Byun Return to SC2 and Prime

Marineking Prime, returns to Starcraft 2.

He comes back and will be on Prime's roster for Proleague round 2

MKP has become 4th progamer returned from LOL following SC, Puzzle, and Coca.

Prime coach, Gerard said, " we are so glad that Marineking has returned to SC2 at the worst period for us. Probably our bad result from round 1 made him enthusiastic. He is more enthusiastic than anyone, and with Byun, we will once again show the power of Prime terrans."


Storm Watch

Alpha Client

Screenshots of client as well a heroes list with abilities.


The Results

IEM World Championship

Parting vs. Soulkey

“T.T my 100,000 dollar”


Innovation vs. Soulkey



GSL 2014 Season 1, Code S


Group A: herO (P) & Rain (P)

Group B: Zest (P) & Trap (P)

        Leenock almost came back in his games against both Trap and Zest

Group C: soO (Z) & sOs (P)




What would you suggest for newer players trying to get into the multiplayer aspect, yet are intimidated about learning curves and the highly competitive atmosphere?


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