Change your Default Font

I don’t know about you, but I simply don’t like Arial. I’m really not a rebel, but it’s too boring for me :) I NEVER use it as a font, but it’s the default font, so every.single.time I make a doc I have to go in and change the font… Well, you can set the default font to be whatever you’d like!! My default font is currently Raleway (this font) because it’s just a little different, but still mostly professional looking (I think!). You can make your default any font you’d like!

To change your default font, first, create some text in whatever font and size you prefer.

Highlight that text with your mouse, then go to “Format” “Paragraph styles” “Normal Text” and then “Update Normal text to match.”

Then repeat the steps, but go to “Format,” “Paragraph styles,” “Options,” and “Save as my Default Styles.” This will save any changes you made to the settings so that your favorite font is now your default! Yay!