Animation Writing and Voice Over

Walt make connections between spoken, written and visual language.

Walt use correct sentence punctuation.

Your task is to plan and write a voiceover for your technology animation.


What are your ideas?  Write the KEY WORDS

Think of how long your voiceover needs to be for your movie.

What technology have you chosen?  How does it help people?

I have chosen sailing technology this technology help people get to places faster over the seas and to other parts of the world safely.  

How did it work a long time ago?

A long time ago the maori people used wakas to get to other islands. and also used for fishing on.   

How has this technology changed over time?

Now in diz days we have boats with gus in it that makes it go.  

Now that’s thinking: How do you think this technology will change in the future?

The future is going to have boats that use  Electricity so that boats can go faster and better.


Start your writing here.  Use full sentences.

Hello my name is hunter and this my animation. Along long time ago we had to use wakas so people we'll be ok overseas instead of having to swim there. wakas use paddles to help them move their wakas.  helped people to get their food fishing . 300 years after we started using sali boats    

That use wind to move their boats instead of using paddles so people don't have to get so tied.Now we use boats with engines  running water. also food and  internet and tliots.                  

Finished your writing?


Read your writing carefully.  Does it make sense?


Read your writing again to check your sentence punctuation.


Ask a buddy to read your writing.  Does it make sense to them?


Read the writing that your buddy has written.  Does it make sense?  Do they need to fix up any punctuation?


Practise reading your script aloud.  Ask your buddy to listen to you.  Take turns to do this with your buddy.  Are you ready to record?


Record your voice over ready for adding to your animation.