iPad, Apple TV, VGA to HDMI Converter

Teachers leave iPad “kit” with their principal when retiring or transferring schools.  The iPad kit contains the items as listed below.  IMPORTANT:  The iPad must be reset to factory settings.  

iPad:  4 items

a - iPad-*Reset to factory settings

b - USB cable (white)

c - power adapter(white)

d -  iPad cover (black leather)

                                                   Apple TV: 3 items


e - Apple TV (black )

f - Remote Control (silver)

g - Power cord (black)



HDMI Converter

Either Version A or Version B

2012-13 Version A: 3 items


h -Converter box (black)

i - Power cable (black)

j - HDMI cable (any color)

2013-14 Version B: 2 items

k - Converter box (black, small)

l - HDMI cable (any color)

No power adapter needed for this version