For Leadership within a group or club

A student has a longstanding commitment to a school service club and has held various management roles, rising to the top position in grade 11. After a year of successful management, the student identifies a creative new project that can help the club more successfully pursue its mission. The student also reorganizes club communication strategies. Through creative leadership, this student re-defines her role and creates positive change.

For Leadership in sports

A student who plays volleyball in school and on a community club team rises to captain of both teams. For the school team, this role includes organizing practice warm-ups and fundraising. For the club team, this role includes calling plays and communicating with the team, families, and community. When the club team wins a national championship, this student is recognized for transformative leadership by the coach and teammates.

For Leadership of a project

A student recognizes a need in the community for English tutors and, through building positive relationships with peers, builds a team to volunteer at a local community center to deliver English lessons and small group tutoring to children and adults alike. Over the course of two years, this initiative grows into a much larger project popular in the local community. Recognizing the positive bridge to the community, the school provides a faculty advisor and a small budget to help the new club be sustainable after the student graduates.