Teacher’s Favorites

FALL is my favorite time of year for three reasons:

RED is my favorite color with ORANGE being a close second.

COFFEE is my favorite drink and the WHITE CHOCOLATE MOCHA with extra pump at Starbuck’s is my favorite indulgence. At home I enjoy the holiday flavor of DUNKIN’ DONUTS PUMPKIN SPICE COFFEE flavored with Pumpkin Spice Coffee-mate powdered creamer.

MEXICAN and SOUTH AMERICAN dishes are my favorite foods to eat. There’s just something about all the different ways you can cook rice and beans and they still taste delicious.

FIVE GUYS is my favorite burger spot. YUM!

READING is my favorite hobby and am always in the process of reading a book on my Kindle app.

GERBERA DAISIES are my favorite because their brightly colored faces look so happy.

CHOCOLATE and PEANUT BUTTER are my favorite combination of anything: ice cream (Baskin Robbins), candy (Reese’s Cups and Pieces), cookies, etc. You can frequently find me dipping into the NUTELLA jar while I’m at home.

CITRUS is my favorite scent of candles, perfume, and lotion.

The TEXANS and LONGHORNS are my favorite football teams since I was unofficially adopted as a Texan when I married one and moved there in 2006.