Project No: 060B2490023

Knovitas LLC is Master Contractor in CATS+ in these 14  primary functional areas.  

Enterprise Service Provider  | Web and Internet Services  | Electronic Document Management

Geographical Information Systems  | Software Engineering  | Systems/Facilities Management and Maintenance  | Information System Security  | Application Service Provider  | IT and Telecommunications Financial and Auditing Consulting Services

IT Management Consulting Services  | Business Process Consulting Services |Electronic Benefits Transfer | Media and Training Center Support | Documentation/Technical Writing

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Security Requirements for All Functional Areas :

2.4.1  Master Contractors shall comply with and adhere to the State IT Security Policy and Standards where applicable to a TORFP/RFR.  These policies may be revised from time to time and the Master Contractor shall comply with all such revisions.  Updated and revised versions of the State IT Policy and Standards are available at: - search: Security Policy  

2.4.2  IT Security The Master Contractor shall not connect any of its own equipment to a State LAN/WAN without prior written approval by the State.  The Master Contractor shall complete any necessary paperwork for security access to sign on at   the State's site if access is granted to the State's LAN/WAN, as directed and coordinated with the TO Manager.

2.4.3 Physical Security: Each person who is an employee or agent of the Master Contractor or subcontractor shall display his or her company identification badge at all times while on State premises. Upon request of State personnel, each such employee or agent shall provide additional photo identification.  Security Clearance (May be required by some State agencies and will be identified as such in the TORFP/RFR):  

A. The Master Contractor shall obtain a Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) State and Federal criminal background check, including fingerprinting, for each individual performing services under a TO Agreement.  This check may be performed by a public or private entity.  A successful CJIS State criminal background check shall be completed prior to any Master Contractor employee providing services on-site at any location covered by the TO Agreement.  A CJIS Federal background check is necessary for each

employee assigned to work on the TO Agreement and shall be completed within four (4) months of TO Agreement award.  

B. The Master Contractor shall provide certification to the agency that the Master Contractor has completed the required CJIS criminal background checks and that the Master Contractor’s employees assigned to this TO Agreement have successfully passed this check.  The State reserves the right to refuse any individual employee to work on State premises, based upon certain specified criminal convictions, as specified by the State.  

C. The CJIS criminal record check of each employee who will work on State premises shall be reviewed by the Master Contractor for convictions of any of the following crimes described in the Annotated Code of Maryland, Criminal Law Article:

(a) §§ 6-101 through 6-104, 6-201 through 6-205, 6-409 (various crimes against propoerty);

(b) any crime within Title 7, Subtitle 1 (various crimes involving theft);

(c) §§ 7-301 through 7-303, 7-313 through 7-317 (various crimes involving telecommunication and electronics);

(d) §§ 8-201 through 8-302, 8-501 through 8-523 (various crimes involving fraud);

(e) §§9-101 through 9-417, 9-601 through 9-604, 9-701 through 9-706.1 (various crimes gainst public administration);or

(f) a crime of violence as defined in CL § 14-101(a).

D. An employee of the Master Contractor who has been convicted of a felony or of a crime involving telecommunications and electronics from the above list of crimes shall not be permitted to work on State premises pursuant to this Master Contract; an employee of the Master Contractor who has been convicted within the past five (5) years of a misdemeanor from the above list of crimes shall not be permitted to work on State premises.

E. An agency may impose more restrictive conditions regarding the nature of prior criminal convictions that would result in an employee of Master Contractor not being permitted to work on that agency’s premises.  Upon receipt of an agency’s more restrictive conditions regarding criminal convictions, the Master Contractor shall provide an updated certification to that agency regarding the personnel working at or assigned to that agency’s premises.  On-site security requirement(s) (Required by some State agencies and will be identified as such in the TORFP/RFR):  For all conditions noted below, the Master Contractor’s personnel may be barred from entrance or leaving any site until such time that the State conditions and queries are satisfied.  

A. Any person who is an employee or agent of the Master Contractor or subcontractor and who enters the premises of a facility under the jurisdiction of the agency may be searched, fingerprinted (for the purpose of a criminal history background check), photographed and required to wear an identification card issued by the agency.  

B. Further, the Master Contractor, its employees and agents and subcontractors’ employees and agents shall not violate Md. Code Ann., Criminal Law Art. Section 9-410 through 9-417 and such other security policies of the agency that controls the facility to which access by the Master Contractor will be necessary.  The failure of any of the Master Contractor’s or subcontractor’s employees or agents to comply with any provision of the Contract that results from award of this solicitation is sufficient grounds for the State to

immediately terminate that Contract for default.

C. Some State sites, especially those premises of the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services, require each person entering the premises to document an inventory items (such as tools and equipment) being brought onto the site, and to submit to a physical search of his or her person.  Therefore, the Master Contractor’s personnel shall always have available an inventory list of tools being brought onto a site and be prepared to present the inventory list to the State staff or an officer upon arrival for review, as well as present the tools or equipment for inspection.  Before leaving the site, the Master Contractor’s personnel will again present the inventory list and the tools or equipment for inspection.  Upon both entering the site and leaving the site, State staff or a correctional or police officer may search Master Contractor personnel.  At all times at any facility, the Master Contractor’s personnel shall ensure cooperation with State site requirements which include being prepared to be escorted at all times, and providing information for badging and wearing the badge in a visual location at all times.