Instructions for Using the Theater System

           (Please Keep This on the Coffee Table)

  1. Basics
  1. Step 1 - Find “The Remote”
  1. Pick up the remote labeled “The Remote” 
  2. The top row has 3 grey “Activity” buttons 
  1.  🎵 = Apple TV
  2. File:TV-icon.png  = Direct TV
  3.  🎬 = Movie
  1. Step 2 - Select an Activity
  1. Push and release an Activity button
  2. The remote will turn on all the equipment and set the controls!
  1. give it time to do everything
  1. To Turn the system off,
  1. Press the “Off” button, located at the upper left corner of the remote
  1. Step 3 - If something doesn’t work
  1. Press the “off” button at the top of the remote wait a few seconds then press “off” again
  2. Wait 5 seconds and try again
  1. TV  
  1. Select the TV Activity (middle button on the top of  “The Remote”
  2. Change channels with either the DirecTV remote or “The Remote”
  1. Pick up the DirecTV remote
  2. Press the Guide button to see available programs
  3. Move up or down one channel at a time with the up or down arrows
  4. Move up or down a whole page of channels with the  CHAN/PAGE button
  5. When you find the station you want Press the orange  SELECT button
  1. Adjust sound
  1. Pick up “The Remote” and press vol up/down
  2. Manual - Turn the large knob on the right side of the receiver
  1. DVD Movie
  1. Select the Movie Activity
  2. Load a DVD in the player (the top component in the wall)
  1. Use the DVD remote or “The Remote” to control the player
  1. Apple TV
  1. Select Apple TV Activity on “The Remote”
  2. If you have Netflix you can enter your account info, remember to sign out when you leave.
  3. Display your computer screen onto the TV wirelessly
  1. On Mac look for a rectangle with a triangle on the upper menu bar next to the wifi icon
  2. Click on the rectangle and select Apple TV
  1. Music Play - Pandora using the account in the receiver
  1. Turn on TV
  2. Press the “menu” button
  3. Navigate down to “Extras” and  click select or OK
  4. Navigate over to Pandora and select it
  5. Select “My stations” or “Create Station”
  6. This is a free account so there are some ads
  1. Playing Music from your computer, smartphone or iPad using iTunes
  1. Open iTunes and select a song
  1. Click on the icon that looks like a rectangle with a triangle along its bottom edge and select AppleTV (look next to the volume slider)
  1. Pandora on an iPad
  1. Launch Pandora and select a song
  2. double click the home button at the bottom of the iPad
  3. swipe the bottom panel from left to right to display music controls
  4. click on the button that has the rectangle with a triangle and select Mystic TV
  1. Pandora on an iPhone
  1. Launch Pandora and select a song
  2. Click on the button that has the rectangle with a triangle and select AppleTV
  1. Voice control
  1. “Alexa turn TV on”
  2. “Alexa turn Movie on”
  3. “Alexa turn Apple TV on”
  4. “Alexa turn Entertainment system off”
  5. “Alexa tell Harmony to Pause”

Version 1.4 printed 6/10/2017