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Login2 SLU App for Windows Desktop

How to set up your Windows app for the Login2 SLU system




  • SLU Net ID and personalized SLU Net Password
  • If your password is still set to the default (Idxxxxxx) you must change your password at password.slu.edu before logging into the multi-factor site (Login2.slu.edu)
  • Internet Connection
  • Mobile/Work/Home Phone able to receive calls/texts
  • Contact information set up in Login2 SLU

Step - by - Step: App Set Up

  • Go to login2.slu.edu
  • Scroll down to Step 2: Install the App (screenshot F1)
  • Click the App for your device
  • Click Download
  • Once downloaded, double-click to Install
  • Once installed, click the Windows Start menu
  • In the Search Bar type SecureAuth
  • Click and Open SecureAuth OTP (screenshot F2)
  • Type Login2.slu.edu for the Server URL (screenshot F3)
  • Click Start
  • Log in with your SLU Net ID and SLU Net Password
  • Click Submit
  • Select your desired verification method from the list
  • Click Submit
  • Retrieve your verification code from your desired method
  • Type the verification code
  • Click Submit
  • When running successfully, the SecureAuth app will provide verification codes to be used at login (screenshot F4)

This verification code will change every 30 seconds. This code will be used when logging into Login2 applications to verify your login.

The application is successfully configured. You may now close the app until you need it to authenticate.

F1: Login2.slu.edu

F2: SecureAuth OTP in Windows Start Menu

F3:Type Login2.slu.edu for Server URL

F4: Successful enrollment

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