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SkyView Academy is committed to preparing students to be lifelong learners and honorable leaders of tomorrow.

Parent Volunteer Program and Student Service Learning at SkyView Academy

Our new Volunteer Sign up and Tracking website is This website will  allow you to sign up for volunteer events, log your hours from those events and other volunteering that you have completed, and see how many hours that you have completed for the year!  Each family will have one log in that we have created for you using the main email address for the female parent/guardian (We could only use one email address for each family).  Directions to log in to are below:


  • Place in your web browser.
  • Click on “Sign In” in the right upper corner
  • Your user name (that we have created for you because we are only allowed to use one email address) will be the full email address of the main email used for the female parent/guardian in the family.
  • Your password will be sva2016
  • Once you are logged in you can sign up for events, track your hours, and see how many hours that you have completed.
  • Please use this login (email address) for anyone in the family that is volunteering (We want to track each family with one login, if there is a concern please contact me)


A couple of clarification comments as well:


  • For Traffic: We will be using those that have signed up with sign up genius for the month of September just for traffic and will switch to in October.
  • will be used for everything besides traffic (traffic starts on in October) starting September 1st
  • On the first of each month I will be putting all new regular event sign ups up for the upcoming month (September 1st I will put up events for October)
  • Please check and your email regularly for updates on new sign ups and events for volunteering
  • Traffic hours will be put in and please continue to use the traffic hours sign in sheet so the traffic hours can be verified

If you have any questions about Volunteering at SkyView Academy, please email the volunteer coordinator HERE.

Volunteering is not just giving of your time, it is giving of yourself.

The quote above is something we hold to be true at SkyView Academy.  Anyone can volunteer to help out in a classroom or at traffic, but it is what you can bring to the volunteer opportunity that makes a difference - a smile, helping hand or valuable knowledge.

Our goal is to help match up your interests with some areas we have needs, to create the right balance and experience that will benefit you and our students.

We ask that each of our Elementary families, volunteer 40 hours per school year including six traffic shifts.  If you break this down, it is about 1 hour per week of the school year.  For all single family households, we simply ask for 20 hours per parent including three traffic shifts.  For our Middle School families, we ask for 30 hours of volunteer service at SkyView Academy except for if there is a younger sibling at the elementary level, then the family would fall under the elementary family guidelines.  At the High School level, we ask our families to volunteer for 20 hours of volunteer service each school year.  

Volunteer opportunities can range from our traffic shifts to being a guest speaker;  from recess duty to helping plan an event at SVA; from volunteering for a reading group to helping out with concessions at a SVA game; from helping build sets for a play to helping clean up the playground.  There are many opportunities and they are all listed on the Volunteer webpage.  

Students at SkyView, from Preschool to 12th grade, are actively engaged in Service Learning Projects throughout the year.  A key piece of SkyView’s Mission is to provide hands-on opportunities for students to contribute to SkyView and outside communities, local and global to develop long-lasting partnerships that will benefit the school’s future.  These service projects are such that do not involve donating money; rather we strive to find projects that involve cleaning up, repairing, supporting, caring for others, and sharing talents, among other things.

Project teams are coordinated across grade levels to build a true K-12 community.  Many of these projects involve opportunities for parents to volunteer and support the service teams, helping to illustrate the concept that volunteering and service learning naturally complement each other.