The RCPS Digital Citizenship curriculum supports an integrated, ongoing approach to educating good digital citizens. We understand that lessons having a direct link to content or skills are more effective than stand alone lessons.  


  • Implement an integrated, ongoing approach to digital citizenship
  • Raise awareness of the legal ramifications and proper procedures for claiming fair use, following copyright, and avoiding plagiarism
  • Provide information about privacy issues and the use of social media
  • Provide information about the impact of one’s digital footprint
  • Provide strategies/instruction to foster safe and ethical use of information
  • Promote healthy and safe online behavior
  • Promote appropriate digital etiquette

Features of our Digital Citizenship Curriculum:

  • Easy Accessibility
  • Central Location
  • Digital Handouts for Individual Customization
  • Modifiable Lessons to Meet Specific Needs or Time Constraints
  • Additional Resources Page
  • Suggested Instructors
  • Vertical Articulation

Images adapted from those found at freepik.com