T3P3 Kossel Mini Kit Release 3

Assembly Instructions

Chapter 4 - Carriage Adaptor Assembly

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401 Parts needed

Printed carriage adaptors x 3

Delrin V-rollers x 9, pre-fitted with 2 x 623ZZ bearings each

M3 x 30 socket capscrews x 9

M3 x 40 socket capscrews x 3

M3 full nuts x 9

M3 Nyloc nuts x 21

M3 flat washers x 9

M2.5 x 12 socket capscrews x 3 (not in picture)


402 Fit V-roller axle bolts

Inset an M3 x 30 socket capscrew from the smooth flat side of the V-roller adapter.

Fit it with an M3 flat washer, M3 nut and tighten. Repeat for the other 2 bolt holes, and then for the remaining 2 adapters.


403 Fit V-rollers

Fit a V-roller onto the protruding axle-bolt and secure it with an M3 Nyloc nut, without washer. Do the nyloc nut up slowly until you just begin to sense a slight resistance to rotation, or roughness, from the bearings, and then back it off slightly so the V-roller turns smoothly. Fit the other 2 V-rollers and repeat for the remaining 2 adapters.


404 Fit tensioner bolt

Fit the M3 x 40 tensioner bolt to each completed adapter, retaining it with an M3 Nyloc nut in the nut trap on the other side. Do not tighten fully.


405 Fit endstop trigger screw

Fit an M2.5 x 12 socket capscrew into the hole on top of each adaptor and screw it in halfway with the 2mm hex key. It will cut its own thread in the plastic and may be quite difficult to turn. Check that 6 to 8 mm of the bolt thread is protruding - the exact distance is not critical but should be the same on all 3 adapters.


406 Fit carriage mounting nuts

The carriage mounting Nyloc nuts fit into hexagonal nut traps on the V-roller side of the adapters. You can either fit them now or wait until you are about to fit the carriages, in case they fall out in the meantime.


If you do fit the nuts now, make sure you keep the adapters flat on their backs as shown, so that none of the nuts drop out.

Set the adapters aside for later.



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