PNFC Regular Board Meeting  --  Sept. 28, 2015

PNFC Meeting Room                6:06 - 8:40 pm

Present: Robynn Haxton Katz, Doug Speakman, Karen Wolfenden, John Le Pouvoir, Pamela Roberts,         Ruthie Loeffelbein

        Staff:  Brad Salmon

        Visitor/Owner: Craig Thomas

President John called the meeting to order at 6:06 pm and noted that an Open Forum was early in the agenda to allow time for discussions before we all got tired and wanted to go home.

1.  MINUTES of September 4, 2015 (attached)    Robyn moved approval, with the accepted new Owners changed from 1499to 1399.”  Karen seconded the motion; passed unanimously.

2.   NEW DIRECTOR APPOINTED     Ruthie moved that Doug Speakman be appointed to fill the seat vacated by Todd Grosbys resignation, until our upcoming elections.  Seconded by Pam, passed unanimously.

3.  NEW PNFC OWNERS     Karen moved acceptance of Owners #1400 through 1410.  Pam seconded; unanimously passed.


        A.  As a result of Saturdays CBLD training, John is inspired to establish a good on-line/e-mail calendar for us all to use together.  Google has a fine one which requires users to have a gmail account.  Robyn and Karen will set this up for us from the schedule info John has.

        B.  Retreat:  Todd Wallace has developed an agenda from discussion after the CBLD training.  Confirmed retreat date: October 25, Sunday, at Pams house (Pam will give us directions/maps), 9 am to 4 pm, lunch provided by deli.

        C.  Follow-up on Garlands time here:  Brad will give us a report on year-end financials, actual and recorded.  We want to understand what happened and would like to give some feed-back to CDS Consulting on our experience.  We agreed to set a discussion time for our next meeting.

        D.  Owner & grower Craig Thomas sought knowledge of the PNFC Board-G.M. relationship and how Policy Governance works.  Karen will send him an e-mail copy of our Policy Governance documents and Brad will check whether it is on our website.

            Directors noted that we need to adjust our monitoring calendar to suit PNFC and develop some monitoring tools.

            Craig also asked about having a growersmeeting with Brad to develop produce policy.

5.  OWNER PAYMENT PLAN     Suggested is a one-year pay-in  $25/month or $75/quarter - to be on our next meeting agendaAND on the agenda of the Annual Meeting. Any change will run into tracking challenges with our POS system, which is not tracking owner payments or purchases well now!

        Owner Benefits: We need to be sure that we are not giving out more benefit than we are receiving in owner equity payments, so Owner equity payments actually add capital to the Co-op.  Currently, Owner discounts subtract $4,500/quarter, senior/low-income takes out $3,000/quarter, minus staff/volunteer discounts, etc . . .  Brads Annual Meeting report will cover this,  highlighting the need for Owner equity pay-off.

6.  FINANCES  —  G.M. REPORT    (attached)                

                We pay UNFI $20,000/mo for food weve already sold.

                             Other A/P      $12,000/mo  

                      Our 2-month total $64,000

                        Current equipment loans $1,719/mo.

                        Proposed new lease        $1,641 for 60 months

                                                                  $1 buyout

                                                                    1  no deposit

                                                             $150 less than current

                BIG QUESTION (laid out in Brads e-mailed report of Sept. 25)  Can we go for spending $75,000 on needed improvements?  Re-negotiation  with UNFI can begin next week.  Pam Karen  asked Brad for a timeline of all our payments, and all Directors concurred.

7.  ELECTION         Owners #1410 and before are eligible to vote.  Election materials are being e-mailed on Sept. 28.

8.  John is writing an up-dated From the Board article for the October PNFC Newsletter, and will send that to all Directors for any comments.

9.  Pam moved adjournment, Ruthie seconded, at 8:40 pm.

Minutes taken by Ruthie Loeffelbein, PNFC Director