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Have an Enjoyable & Safe Spring Break -- and Share Your Photos with Us:  We'd love to receive copies of any (geologically interesting) photos from your spring break.  You can email them to Marianne, or bring in a flash or sd card, whatever works best for you.  Also, please remember us after attending and photographing field trips, research experiences, club activities and any other geoscience-related events and activities.  We share one photo a week in our e-newsletter and will be updating photo albums for our department in the near future.


Summer of Applied Geophysical Experience (SAGE) 2013: SAGE is a 3-4 week research and education program in exploration geophysics for students (including undergraduates) and working professionals, based in Santa Fe, NM.  SAGE students, faculty, teaching assistants, and visiting scientists acquire, process and interpret reflection/refraction seismic, magnetotelluric (MT)/electromagnetic (EM), ground penetrating radar (GPR), gravity and magnetic data at a shallow archeological site and at the sedimentary basin scale in the Rio Grande rift. SAGE 2013 will also emphasize a limited geothermal study in the rift. The core program (all students) will be held Thursday, June 20 through Thursday, July 11. Much more information, and fees are on the attachment.


Get Your Spring 2013 Textbooks by 3-4-2013:  The campus bookstore wants you to know that all Spring 2013 textbooks that are not being used for the upcoming summer or fall semesters will soon be returned to the publisher.  If you were putting off buying a textbook for this semester, you'll want to get it before March 4th.  Summer textbooks will be available in the bookstore beginning April 1.


AGI Releases Faces of Earth Series in HD on YouTube:  The American Geosciences Institute (AGI) is pleased to announce that it has released its award-winning Faces of Earth series on YouTube in full high definition (http://www.youtube.com/user/AmericanGeosciences.)  Delve into the Faces of Earth and rediscover the wonders behind our dynamic planet.  Full information is attached.


Faculty & Student Pages on Website Updated:  If you go to our department site at http://weber.edu/geosciences/ and check out the faculty pages, you'll see they have been updated with new photos and information.  Our student and club pages are also being updated!  Check them out here http://weber.edu/geosciences/Geoscience_Students.html and check back often to see the changes as they happen.


Photo of the Week:

Fall 2012 Field Methods class during the Western Wyoming field trip.



Have a fun and safe spring break!

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