Grand Final Qualification Season 15

  1. Finish in the top 30% of the average players at any venue.
  2. Play 24 weeks at the same venue.
  3. Win a seat at a promoted event and have played 10 weeks (at least 1 game per week).

Qualifier Final Qualification

  1. Players need to have played at least 10 weeks (at least 1 game per week) to secure a Qualifier Final seat or at the discretion of the 1st Poker Team.

The Points System

The points system has changed a little with 6 players or more, these are the points that you will get.

1st Poker Rules

  1. All players must agree to, and abide by, all rules of the 1st Poker.
  2. Basic rules for Texas Hold-Em apply to 1st Poker.
  3. Venue Managers decisions are final.
  4. Chips have no value whatsoever and are for play & entertainment purposes only.
  5. Blinds will be raised consistently throughout the tournament.
  6. Seating is random and assigned via the Venue Manager.
  7. The lowest denomination chip will be coloured up when no longer needed. Excess chips will be rounded up.
  8. All tournament Grand finals have a fee to enter, with qualifying points (excluding casino registration).
  9. Players are obligated to post all blinds.
  10. If the player in the Small Blind is eliminated then the dealer button stays with the current dealer. Players will post blinds as normal. This is the ‘dead button rule'.
  11. If the Big Blind is eliminated the Small Blind position is dead and only the Big Blind is posted.
  12. We deal first Ace or Highest Card for dealer when starting a new table.
  13. At the beginning of the evening the dealer button will be decided by first Ace or Highest Card.
  14. When only two players remain, the player due to assume the Big Blind will do so and the player on the Small Blind will inherit the button. The Small Blind will act first prior to the flop and second after the flop.
  15. Side pots will be used when necessary. (All in's).
  16. Players must show both of their cards to win a pot.
  17. If two players are eliminated on the same hand then the player who had the most chips at the start of the hand will be awarded the higher finishing position and points. If they have the same chip value then the position and points are split.
  18. All chips must remain on the table at all times. Always have your highest denomination chips clearly visible in your chip stack.
  19. All cards must remain on the table at all times.
  20. No String Bets.
  21. Any chips placed over the betting line will be classed as a bet.
  22. Do not splash the pot. Place your bets in an open space in front of you.
  23. Oversize chips count as a call, unless previously declared as a raise.
  24. Raises must be at least the amount of any previous raise amount or bet except when all in.
  25. Any raise Pre-Flop must be double big blind.
  26. Any bets Post-Flop must be minimum of the big blind in that hand.
  27. All players are prohibited from placing any form of currency on the poker table during the tournament.
  28. All players receive league points at every venue.
  29. Players must not show cards to ANYONE during the game.
  30. Cards can not be retrieved once in the muck.
  31. If a player isn't at the table in time to take his turn then the dealer will fold/muck their cards.
  32. No talking on mobile phones during a hand. If you do, your hand can (and will) be mucked.
  33. Any cards that are show to anyone other than yourself purposely will be mucked.
  34. Late registration; 2k chip deduction per blind at a Pub and 3k chip deduction per blind at a Club - available until the first break (5 blind levels).
  35. Players must be at the venue to register.
  36. Support your host venues, they make this possible.