Plants vs Zombies Scene Planning


Who will be in it

What things do we need

Where will we do it?

A normal day in the vampire house. Vampires doing ????????? Tomato Gardening

How many vampires do we want? 4

Vampire makeup.

Normal people with fangs and red contacts. All in black.

The couch area in T10?

Ask Miss Pakinga to use the marae garden

Shuffling zombies

zombies - 6 or more

torn clothes - with blood on them - zombie make up - fake blood

the field or the front of the school next to the statue or the marae grass bit.

Panic in the vampire house. They get the seeds.

all 4 vampires.

Vampire makeup.

Normal people with fangs and red contacts, seeds


Plant the seeds

Mum vampire

seeds ( something strange and knobbly from pac n save. Shovel .


Up pops the flowers

the boys- as flowers

green t shirts, elastic, card and paint  for flowers


Zombies attack....

One of the girl as a blocker, brought / carried on from the side by the vamps. Zombies come closer. Flowers throw tomatoes. Blocker blocks.

costumes for the blocker maybe a potato outfit for athena and some tomatoes


Power up

budget power up icon that vampires climb up to grab

water guns


Zombie kicks open door, vampires cowering on the floor

1 Zombie


zombie outfit vampire stuff

B3 don’t tell ms george

Coming soon. to theaters near you oh wait this is it