Rāhiri Tribal Links - OTHER ACTIVITIES

Discover more about Rāhiri.

WHAKAPAPA LINES - Google Map all the areas in which the tribal links reading talked about. Remember to sign in to google maps, follow instructions on this link instructions for pins

VOCABULARY EXTENSION - Choose 10 words from the text that you do not know or unsure of. Use a dictionary or Google’s search to find meanings to the words.

KAHOOT - Here is a link to the quiz to solidify the information that you have been given about Rāhiri. https://play.kahoot.it/#/lobby?quizId=c8c8d590-3fc2-42aa-afb7-8feac787ecac 

PIC COLLAGE - Create a collage of all the places that are in the reading. Title: Tribal Links - Rāhiri

CREATE A PICK A PATH - Make your own creative story about Rāhiri including one of the places and some of the tupuna that are in this story. Once you are done, make a pick a path story on google slides. Share it with your group. If you do not know how to do a pick a path story here is an unfinished example to work from Example