Solar Science

October  19, 2013

Lori Lambertson and Paul Doherty

Exploratorium Teacher Institute

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Build an Astrolabe 

Inclinometer/astrolabe from the Math Explorer

Use the astrolabe to measure sun’s angle

Rectified globe

Solar viewing telescope, or Pin Mirror.

Solar position calculator

Angular velocity of the sun (Square Wheels)

Sun Angle Changes: Solar Motion Demonstrator

Angular size and inverse square law with LED flashlights.

Using a multimeter to measure voltage and current of solar cells

Sun Angle Matters

Solar panels at the Exploratorium

Solar brightness

Exploring the power of solar cells 

Solar Power into solar cells

Solar panel efficiency

Solar panel series vs. parallel Run a motor.(see page 6)

Build your own solar cell (Jill Johnsen)


Exploratorium website

Exploratorium Teacher Institute website

Solar Schoolhouse see page 10.

Solar Power at the surface of the earth

These Solar Cells are available from Project RAFT Solar Cells $5.00each ($5.99 by mail order)

These Multimeters are available from project RAFT or Harbor Freight for $4.00 each.