Florida Westcoast Woodworkers Club

Meeting Minutes – February 10, 2016

There were 31 members in attendance at the meeting and five guests (John Freeland, Joe Mikesh, Cindy Wilt, Carl Levy and Allan Gainot). Total attendance – 36.

Our guest speaker was club member Maja Chaszar, who showed us her “stacked plywood” furniture and explained how it was made. She glues and stacks basic plywood together, uses a form to cut out the basic shape using a variety of tools, then sands and finishes the pieces with polyurethane.  She has made a variety of pieces of furniture and they are beautiful and very sturdy.  

Business Meeting

Dues are overdue: Club Treasurer John Philips reminded members that if they haven’t yet paid their club dues for 2016, please get them in as soon as possible.

        Thanks and Recognition:

Bob Eslinger and Larry Simmons helped Leslie Samos’ family with posting and selling his woodworking tools.  The family donated $50 to the club as a “thank you” for helping.  Some of the tools are still for sale.  A sheet showing pictures of the tools was passed around.

John Philips and John Slezak worked on a couple of Civic Service projects making wooden urns for veterans and helping a young man complete his community service hours. John Philips also reminded us of the red Club notebook containing photographs and newspaper clippings of past Service projects.


Sign-up sheets being circulated for Shop Meets, Demonstrations meeting ( this replaces the Turner meeting , (available on this web site)  and Club meeting presentation suggestions.

        Reports:        Upcoming Events

Florida State Fair in Tampa:        February 4-15, 2016        Joe Mannke said he, and several other club members, will be working the woodworking area at the Florida State Fair.

Wood Worker Show:        March 18-20, 2016                        Terry Bair passed around a sign-up sheet for working our booth at the Wood Worker Show, to be held in Tampa at the Fairgrounds.  Contact him if you can work the Show.

Club Picnic - April 3 at Rothenbach Park in Sarasota.         Joe Mannke reminded us of the upcoming Club Picnic on April 3 from 1 – 5 p.m. at Rothenbach Park.  The 2x4 contest is a part of it.  

DVD Library:         Terry Bair reminded club members of the DVD library.  Checking out and returning the DVDs is on the honor system.

February Shop Meet is at Terry Bair’s house.

Past issues of Fine Woodworking Magazine:         Larry Simmons has a large collection of past issues of Fine Woodworking Magazine that were donated to the club.  He made a wooden storage box to hold them and they will be located in the Club storage room at Advantage Lumber.  Checking out and returning individual magazines is on the honor system.  

Show & Tell

John Slezac – door

Bob Eslinger – serving tray with wood design

Denny Wetter – turned box

Joe Mathis – fretwork plaques (forest/deers)

Jerry Schipano – oak pallet apothecarys and maple & oak cutting boards

Terry Bair – hawk scroll saw and a caged barr

Ed Goldberg – inlay compass rose

John Philips – bowl & photo of carved hippopotamus

Andy DiLorenzo – Bowls

Fred Damianos – tie rack and kitchen tools

Larry Simmons – saw horse and raised pannel

Club President John Darovec suggested that at one of our Club Meetings we have a session called – “If I ever Do It Again…” Members would get up and talk about an object they have made and how they would do it differently next time.

Quarterly Show & Tell drawing – John Slezak won the $25 gift card.

Raffle winner – Ed Goldberg

Door Prize winners – Rick Anderson, Joe Mikesh, Jim Roland, Ed Fraser, Andy DiLorenzo, John Philips, Ed Colombo and Allan Gainot.

Next Month – Ed Goldberg will give a presentation, on March 9th, on inlays.

Submitted by – Thelma Proctor