ITHF EC Meetings - Summary Reports


This document contain summary reports from all ITHF Executive Committee (EC) meetings -

starting with July 2013, when current EC has started with its job.

If you need more information, please, send email to ITHF EC.


Feb/2014 - #7

  1. Roles and responsibilities defined in excel file.
  2. EC will suggest to have (ordinary) DC every year on the next DC in 2015.
  3. Reviewed Moscow Cup Tournament system.
  4. Having an Extraordinary DC to vote about WTHT changes. Proposed system was approved by 10 ITHF members. EC statement was published on ITHF web page.

Jan/2014 - #6

  1. EC discussed changes in WTHT tour. EC decided (with voting 3:2) to have an Extraordinary Delegate Conference to vote about WTHT changes and new proposal with 3 levels: Super Series, Majors and WTHT. DC will be held in February.
  2. Continued discussion about Roles and Responsibilities.
  3. It seems that Stiga rejected the idea of a Flyer in Stiga games. This task was put on hold.

Dec/2013 - #5

  1. WR changes defined and approved by ITHF EC. WR changes will be implemented in January 2014.  EC statement and updated WR document will be published soon.

Nov/2013 - #4

  1. We decided to keep focus on WR changes. Sent email to member federations to get input

Oct/2013 - #3

  1. Started discussion about WTHT changes in 2014/15
  2. Continued discussion about roles and responsibilities of EC members
  3. Started discussion about WR changes

23/Sep/2013 (extraordinary meeting)

EC voted about keeping/changing the final standings of the “Edmonton Centennial Challenge 2013” WTHT tournament.

With 4 : 1 decision was to change the final standings and put Thomas Hunter to last place.

EC statement was published on ITHF web page on the next day.

Sep/2013 - #2

  1. Approved Swiss System for St. Petersburg WTHT tournament.
  2. Started discussion about roles and responsibilities of EC members.
  3. Started process of tournament/game rules changes/improvements
  4. Checked progress of the Flyer preparation.
  5. Checked the structure and distribution of the current WTHT tour. Will define some guidelines/rules for getting/keeping a WTHT (Big 6) tournament.

Jul/2013 - #1

  1. Approved 9 goals system for Trophy of Denmark 2013 WTHT tournament.
  2. ITHF will  NOT collect money from organizers of WTHT tournaments in 2013/14.
  3. EC will continue helping organizers to make their WTHT tournaments better.
  1. Will start with WTHT evaluation/survey process in season 2013/14
  1. Agreed on preparing the Flyer (paper with info about table hockey as sport) for Stiga Play Off model. This proposal came from Stiga representative during the WCh 2013 in Stavanger.