Parent engagement meeting: Alida Leigh, Tom Lyons,

In attendance: - Kristan Martin, Wendy Berry, Kaide Dodson, April Rewerts, Trish Morford and Ron Goodman

1.  Parent involvement policy was reviewed by the group.   The group would like to make one change on page 3 number 11.  The change would be "spring" to "year."

2.  A checklist of items to accomplish was formed:

        a. collect our compacts

        b. Make sure teachers are trained about Title1.  Mr. Goodman will get this information from Kaide prior to PTC and train staff on the topics.

        c.  The group believes that the compact fits the Title 1 requirements

        d.  The school needs to arrange for technology training during the year.                                              

3.  April Rewerts and Trish Morford shared Graduation Matters information.  There is a thought of having a “Learning Expo” in the spring.  This could be a time to explain the Title 1 requirements and showcase as much of the school as possible  

Need to:

a.  Pick a week in April

b.  Notify teachers

c.  Possibly using community partners as judges for science fair????