GDG Philippines is organizing a seven-week Android Fundamentals Study Jams on February-March 2015. This is part of the Google Developers Study Jams, free series of global, community-run, in-person study groups. The first jam session is presented in partnership with Udacity and will follow their Android Fundamentals curriculum. This series will be led by certified Google Developer Group facilitators.

For the GDG Philippines Android Study Jams, there will be a total of seven Saturday sessions. The first six sessions will be for the six lessons of the course (one lesson per week). In each session, we will have a short discussion of the lesson for the week (questions, challenges, etc) and participants can work on their individual projects. (For each week's sessions, participants should have already finished the lessons for the week.) The seventh session will be for the presentation of final projects.

Date: Every Saturday from February 07 to March 21

Time: 01:00 PM to 05:00 PM

Venues: See “What is the schedule for the sessions?” below.

If you are interested in joining the Study Jams sessions, please fill up the form here. You would also need to join the Google Developers StudyJam Group on Udacity. Please start/continue with the Android Fundamentals Course and attend the Study Jams!

For addtional details about the global event, please check the website at

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the event free?

The event is free but slots are limited.

Is the Udacity Android Fundamentals Course free?

Yes. Please choose Access Course Materials to view the videos and other resources.

Should I attend every session?

Yes, you should. Each week we will be discussing the corresponding lesson in the Android Fundamentals Course.

How do I register for this event?

Please fill up the form here. You also need to join the Google Developers StudyJam Group on Udacity.

I am already taking the Udacity Android Fundamentals course. Will I still register for this event?

Yes. Please fill up the form here. You still also need to join the Google Developers StudyJam Group on Udacity.

I have already finished the Udacity Android Fundamentals course. Can I still register for this event?

You should already be able to develop Android apps after finishing the course. If you still want to learn with others or if you want to help others who are still taking the course, you may still register.

When and where will the Study Jams session be?

We will have a session every Saturday from February 07 to March 21 (01:00 PM to 05:00 PM).

What is the schedule for the sessions?

Week 1 (February 7): Introduction & Lesson 1 [Venue: DLSU, Manila]

Week 2 (February 14): Lesson 2 [Venue: MINT College]

Week 3 (February 21): Lesson 3 [Venue: DLSU, Manila]

Week 4 (February 28): Lessons 4a and 4b [Venue: MINT College]

Week 5 (March 7): Lesson 5 [Venue: DLSU, Manila]

Week 6 (March 14): Lesson 6 [Venue: MINT College]

Week 7 (March 21): Final Project Presentation [Venue: DLSU, Manila]

Where are the venues for the Study Jams?

The venues for the GDG Philippines Android Fundamentals Study Jams are:

Should I already watch the videos and do the exercises for each week before the session?

Yes, you should already finish the lessons for the corresponding week. We will be discussing the lesson during each session and if you encounter difficulty in any part, we can discuss it/you can ask around for help.

What are the prerequisites for the course?

Please check the course website at for prerequisites and other important information.

Is the event open to anyone, even students and non-developers?

Yes, as long as you want to learn and you will be able to do the lessons.