Phys 101 - Section 102 - 2013: In class electronics policy

The usage policy of all electronic device during lecture time (2-3pm MWF) is defined in this document.

Mobile phones: All mobile phones must be off or on silent/vibrate for the duration of the lectures and should in no way disturb others around you. The use of mobiles phones as class aids (calculators, dictionary, note taking, ...) is allowed.

Phone calls No phone calls should be answered during class, except in the case of exceptional circumstances.These could be for example: health of close family, child-care, hearing back from potential future employer. In such exceptional circumstances, the student is expected to leave the auditorium as quietly and quickly as possible so as not to disturb fellow students. Under no circumstances should voice conversations occur inside the lecture theatre.

Other uses of phones (texting, e-mail, games, social networking...) Should be kept to a minimum and be done in such a way as not to distract those around you (see above for phones being on silent/vibrate)

Tablets: Tablets can be used anywhere in the auditorium for class-room related activities (connect, lecture notes, worksheets, note taking, ...) Discretion is expected for all other activities. If your neighbours are distracted by your activities, it is your responsibility to stop and minimise the distraction.

Laptops: Exclusively for course-related material The use of laptops for course-related material only is allowed throughout the lecture hall, as long as you keep the distractions to your fellow students to a minimum.

All other uses If you are looking at non-course related Laptops are tolerated in the back-rows for people looking at non-course related material (e-mail, social media, games,...)

Music If you really must listen to music when working on problems in class, keep the noise down to a level that your neighbours do not hear it. It is recommended that you get used to working without music as music devices will not be tolerated in mid-terms of finals.

Voice recording devices Allowed in this class as long as you make appropriate use of the recorded material.