About Us

We are Helping Hands, a new grassroots youth led group. We are embarking on a new journey to delivering a project at the conceptual stage to offer volunteer training workshops for racialized, newcomer youth, as well as youth with disabilities, to increase volunteer opportunities and engagement in Halton-Peel’s social services sector.  We are looking for a Curriculum Developer/ Student Teacher to join us on the journey.  We believe volunteering enriches our lives and the world around us. We bring youth and good causes together to overcome the barriers that keep volunteers and nonprofits from finding each other, working together, and developing strong relationships.


Job Summary

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $15.00 /hour. 7 weeks start date approx July 10th. This a a flexible position with some work from home, virtual and in person team meetings and going to some events. We are looking for someone to create workshop curriculum and more to promote youth civic engagement.

What do you gain? You will finish the summer with a new or improved skill set from curriculum development, project management, multitasking to independent thinking. You will be given freedom to make decisions you think is best for the project. This is a small team and you will get to shine.

Tasks and Responsibilities

We are looking for someone who is interested in student development, youth leadership and civic engagement. Experience creating curriculum is an asset. We aim to be inclusive of all fields that this job can be suitable for. This includes but not limited to: Education students, Secondary Education students, Counseling students, Social and community service professionals, and Communications (media relations, stakeholder relations, writing)

The position’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to:


This position is provided through Canada Summer Jobs with the following requirements:

We have committed to make an effort to hire priority students. The activities of our organization focus on the provision of services in the community to the following groups.

As our organization aims to help people who fall in these groups, we would love to have a student with these lived experiences.


Send cover letter and resume by email to:

Attention of Janelle Hinds, Program Coordinator

Title: Applying for Position of Curriculum Developer

myhelpinghandsapp at gmail dot com