We live in a Representative Democracy, which means that there are people legislating on your behalf. They can't possibly be well-informed on every issue that comes up (It's more likely than not, after all your research, that you may know as much if not more about your problem than they do). Write a letter to one of your representatives about your issue and what you'd like to see them do about it. In your assignment field submit the letter and tell me to which of your representative(s) you are sending it to and why. Here's a link to some information about writing a letter.

Letters that are well-thought out and thoroughly researched will certainly mean more to them than a quick email just giving your position on an issue. Do your best to bring their thinking to your point-of-view. Don't forget to back up your opinions with facts.

To get started, you may want to consult some of the links below. Remember, you have representation at the local, state and federal level. If you live on a reservation then you won't want to forget to write to Tribal Government officials as well.

Contact information for your MN legislators:

MN State Legislators 

MN Local Gov't: This will help you find pages for your city government; County, Associations; Townships; etc.

MN Tribal Gov't

You can copy/paste your properly formatted letter below or link to the online document.

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