Paul Popoff [Pavel Alexandrovich Popov]

Position: Scala developer


E-mail: oc14 at yandex dot ru

E-mail: doingfp at gmail

Skype: ocgroza

Cell phone: +7 980 534 18 32
Please call me after 1pm MSK


Scala developer since 2012

Java  developer since 2010

Desire to do interesting things.


Languages and frameworks:

Scala, Java, Akka, netty, Swing, Spring DI, Guice, JDBC, Parboiled, Google collections, Play 2.0, Spark-core, Kafka, Spray(Akka-io), Python.

Project management tools: SBT, Maven, Gradle

VCS: git, svn, hg.

DBMS: MySQL/MariaDb, Riak, Elasticsearch

Application servers: Apache Tomcat, jetty

Issue tracking systems: Redmine, Jira, Github/Bitbucket

CI: Jenkins

OS: Unix-like systems are preferred



Voronezh State University of Engineering Technologies:

  1. [Specialist Degree] Information Systems and Technologies (2009-2014) 
  2. [Engineer] Comprehensive information security of automated systems (2009-2014)


Language-oriented programming (Domain-specific languages, compilers),  Compiler design, Functional programming, FRP, NoSQL, Unix.


Languages: Russian, English (freely, spoken), German (Basic: Able read and understand technical documentation)


Not a big fan, wish to work remotely after some trial period.


A number of articles/tutorials (in Russian) about the most interesting parser-combinator library for Scala:



May 2016 - now

Internal project [DataArt]

Implementing various jira scripts / plugins for legal and other units of the company.

Tools: Atlassian JIRA, Adaptavist scriptrunner, Groovy, maven, Velocity, JEMH, docker.

December 2016 - May 2016

[Undisclosed customer]

Implemented a small pdf library (on top of the apache pdfbox). That library introduced table-layouts and other high level features. I also transformed that library scala-dsl for that framework. Later, I used that framework for pdf-generation. I generated various pdf documents like reports, shipping manifests and etc. I also implemented interop with fedex api (shipping label generation, validation service, delivery status tracking)

Tools: Scala, Java, apache-pdfbox, restlet, ant, gradle.

September 2015 - Nov 2016

[Undisclosed customer]

Platform for IOT capturing and analyzing data from different sensors. In my case thermal sensors. Implemented kafka consumer,small scala scripts for Zeppelin. Using spark-sql for querying data.

Tools: Scala, Java8, akka-actor,spring-boot, spark-core, spark-sql, kafka, mesos, zeppelin, riak-kv, riak-ts, sbt, gradle, maven, docker.

August 2015 - September 2015

[Undisclosed customer]

POC. Plugin for Thingworx platform. It was displaying and maintaining FOBs and different flavours of Locks.

Tools: java, gradle, docker, Thingworx 6.0.

January 2014 - August 2015

[Undisclosed customer]

Log capturing and parsing, configuration file parsing for application servers and other system utilities. Different operations with parsed data. Designed and implemented a DSL (for operations with parsed data). Implemented support of system utilities, initialization systems like (systemd, upstart) for client application. Designed and implemented server application for log processing.

Tools: Scala, Parboiled (Parboiled2), akka-actor, akka-io, kafka, netty, Guice, Java SE, Maven, git, Elasticsearch, different flavours of linux Linux

2013 - January 2014

POC. A sniffing app, that was capturing current machine’s traffic, extracting http requests, and analyzing in Hazelcast clusters.

Tools: Scala, jnetpcap, (jni - faced it a bit), Hazelcast,

Primetalk Ltd

2012 - 2013

The startup was specialized on dialog systems, systems that could recognize customer’s speech, process it (collect all required information, make decisions), and talk to customer - ask for additional details.

Supporting internal rest services, and infrastructure, creating an web interface for one of Primetalk’s services “the secretary”

Tools: Scala, (was replaced with Play2.0 later), Play 2.0, html5, css3, js, jquery, jquery UI

Developing “taxi app” which we were trying to sell on local market.

My job was about handling dialog logic (which was graph oriented), adding improvements, geo-tags (customer may name some well-known site, so we had to resolve it to address).

Tools: Scala, Akka, mercurial, gradle, Linux

Internal frameworks: Speech Portal, Synapse grid

LK Ltd

2010 - 2012

Development and support of the web applications, internal web services and desktop clients. I was  fully responsible for the desktop client: I was maintaining it and implementing new functionality.

Tools: Java, SWING, python, Django, Tomcat, JSP, JSTL, js, html, css, svn, Spring DI, JDBC, Linux, Mysql (mariadb)