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Gospel Value/Saint for March: Dignity of Person/St. Patrick                  March 10, 2016

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Spirit Week

PJ Day

Winter Fun Day

Earth Hour

Lenten Project

March Break

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March 11

PJ Day

Winter Fun Day

Earth Hour


March 14-18

March Break

March 25

Good Friday

March 28

Easter Monday

Prayers for the Faithful by St. Patrick

May the Strength of God guide us.

May the Power of God preserve us.

May the Wisdom of God instruct us.

May the Hand of God protect us.

May the Way of God direct us.

May the Shield of God defend us.

May the Angels of God guard us.

May Christ be with us!

May Christ be before us!

May Christ be in us,

Christ be over all!

May Thy Grace, Lord,

Always be ours,

This day, O Lord, and forevermore. Amen.

Spirit Week

The Spirit Week, organized by the Entrepreneurial Adventure Program group in Grades 5 and 6, has been a great success! The students and staff have enjoyed dressing up for the theme days and participating in the photo booth and the raffles. The generosity of the school community has been wonderful and the students will have a grand total of the money raised for the World Wildlife Fund after the March Break.

PJ Day

The fun isn’t over yet. Students are encouraged to wear some comfy PJ’s for the final day of our Spirit Week on Friday.

Winter Fun Day

The EAP team will be running a Winter Fun Day for all Junior (Grade 4-6) students on Friday, March 11, 2016. Each student is asked to bring in a donation for the WWF and the class that raises the most money will get an extended recess after the March Break. The Junior students will be playing soccer and manhunt, as well as participating in snowshoe races. Ms. Quinn’s class and Mr. MacDonell’s class will participate in the events during first block and Mr. Lyons’ class, Mme. Campbell’s class and Mme. Racanelli’s class will participate in the events during second block. Junior students are encouraged to dress appropriately for these outdoor events and bringing extra clothing to change into is recommended.

Earth Hour

Earth Hour is an international event held on Saturday, March 19th between 8:30-9:30pm. During this hour, people around the world turn off their lights in support of addressing climate change.

At St. Stephen, we will be participating in Earth Hour on Friday, March 11th between 12:30-1:30pm by powering down and turning off or unplugging all non-essential lights, computers, and other electrical devices. During this hour, students will have the opportunity to participate in various activities with their class to learn about the importance of reducing our use of electricity. Through learning and action, we can make a difference for our planet.

In addition to our school Earth Hour event, we encourage students to take this message home and as a family, participate in Earth Hour. Some activities you could do include: stargazing, boardgames by candlelight, or make a family pledge to commit to protecting the environment. We look forward to hearing about all the creative ways your family participates in Earth Hour! Photos are welcome.

Thanks for your support in this worldwide movement to raise awareness about climate change and protect our planet! 

Lenten Project

A reminder to students to bring in their donations to help support our “tools for school” program, to buy learning materials and various tools for the Catholic Centre for Immigrants, which is currently teaching approximately 150 refugee children at three Ottawa hotels. The students range in age from 6-14 and would greatly benefit from your support.  

March Break

We hope that everyone has fun March Break! We wish everyone safe travels and great times with friends and family. We look forward to seeing everyone back at school on Monday, March 21, 2016. Don’t forget to spring forward this weekend!

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