Admissions to Secondary School September 2018 Timeline

September 2017  “Moving On” available for viewing online

Link to Oxfordshire County Council Secondary School Admissions


8 September 2017

 Online and paper applications accepted from this date; “Moving On” information available on request from schools and the LA

31 October 2017

National closing date for on-time applications

16 November 2017

Last date for confirmation of change of address and for late applications with extenuating circumstances to be considered as on-time

21 November 2017

LA to send application data to other LAs for schools in that LA’s area

12 December 2017

LA to send application data to other admission authorities in Oxfordshire by this date

16 January 2018

Last date for return of data to LA from own admission authorities in Oxfordshire

1 March 2018

National offer Day: Offer letters sent by second class post and emails sent to those who applied online

21 March 2018

The cut off date for accepting a place and for placing a child’s name on a continued interest list in response to offers made on 1 March. This is also last date for late applications and changes of preference to be considered in the second round of the allocation process (first run of the continued interest lists)

29 March 2018

Start to consider late applications, changes of preference and continuing interest requests

8 May 2018

Offer letters sent for second admission round

23 May 2018

Accept place, apply for continued interest list, as appropriate, for offers made on 8 May

September 2018 Start of academic year for above phases

30 June 2019

Date on which the continued interest list will be discontinued for all schools that are part of the in year scheme (unless otherwise stated in a school’s admission arrangements)