DRAFT  - Updated Sept 25, 2016

Proposed survey questions regarding the implementation of Vancouver’s Heritage Action Plan (HAP) in the city’s RS ‘single family’ zones.

The final draft will be submitted to the City as part of its public engagement process for the implementation of the HAP.

Comments on this draft are welcome.

  1. City staff are often asked to balance a wide range of priorities and policies.  In looking at our single family (RS) zoned neighbourhoods, is the preservation of pre-1940s single family homes (More) or (Less) important as a policy goal than:

    A. Energy efficiency and the construction of ‘Zero-Emission Buildings’ that contribute to the fight against climate change

    B. Affordability

        C. An owner’s property rights

2.  A property with a heritage or character home will, in some cases, be granted incentives to retain that home.  It these situations, however, the process of receiving a building permit might be 3x to 4x the amount of time involved with a non character project, and the cost for design and permitting is generally higher.  Given this, if you have a pre-1940s house would you want the option to ‘opt out’ of character based regulations?

3. To help retain existing character homes, would you prefer that the city provide ‘carrots’ - such as density bonuses or fee relaxations -  or ‘sticks’ that penalize the removal of character homes?

4. In past surveys residents have expressed opposition to older character homes being replaced by larger single family homes. Would you feel better about the loss of the older home if the building that replaced it was:

5. If you own a pre-1940s house, would you be more likely to consider retaining that house if energy efficiency, fire sprinklering and sewer upgrade requirements were relaxed?

6. One proposed strategy for retaining character homes is to reduce the potential size of a new house that replaces a pre-1940s home.  This ‘down-zoning’ would apply to all homes that are deemed by the city to have character value.