StarCraft II is one of the top three most well-represented games played competitively at CUDGS, with players often found competing on the 1v1 ladder or having fun in 4v4s and FFAs. The team is led by our Master League Zerg player ‘Deranging’  whose APM and all-round general skill offers hope for us all that we can play faster and better.

At the 2014 eSports Varsity Challenge our StarCraft II team of five secured a nail-biting victory over Oxford, coming back from 0-2 to win 3-2. Impressive displays from our captain Lasse ‘Deranging’  Schmieding (Z) alongside Daniel ‘Infy’  Lowe (T) and Márton ‘Hava’  Havasi (T) kept the team on the winning path, making up for Chris ‘Aphlex’  Cho (T) and Julian ‘EmperorZerg’  Willis (T) whose APM were found to be sadly lacking…

The first ever CUDGS StarClash in June 2014 saw a BO5 showmatch between Deranging and Infy, followed by a BO1 round robin between the lower ranked players. Say what you like about the success of the event, but it wasn’t a day for Terrans, going 0-5 down in map wins! It was a great opportunity to play StarCraft II live in front of an audience for the first time for many of the players – an opportunity they are no doubt hungry for more of.

Further back into the past, in 2011 a team from Cambridge competed in the European Collegiate Starleague Season 1, making it comfortably through the group stage into the RO8 bracket but losing to Glasgow University 3-1 in the quarterfinals. When CUDGS first started getting the team together for the CSL, there were a few goals in mind but one of which was certainly to make sure to beat ‘the other place’. Happily, alongside a solid overall performance, a 3-1 win over Oxford University was very pleasing. Thanks to Robert ‘RoberP’  Taylor (T), Paavo ‘Zorvalk’  Parmas (Z), Bogdan ‘bogdan’  Tataroiu (P), Daniel ‘Teaspoon’  Murrell (Z) and Daniel ‘dan’  Lowe (T).

On our group is ‘CU Digital Gaming Society’ so come and join us online to chat and play some games together!